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The designers tried to make the TVOkids logo match the interests of the target audience: schoolchildren and preschoolers. They gave the lettering a cartoonish look by painting the letters in different bright colors.

TVOkids: Brand overview

Founded:April 1, 1994
Founder:Government of Ontario
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The TVOkids children’s programming block has been in existence since 1994. It is broadcast every day from 6 am to 7 pm and shows various educational and documentary series in English. The rights to the brand are owned by TVOntario, which in turn is owned by the Government of Ontario and is part of the Ontario Educational Communications Authority.

Meaning and History

TVOkids Logo History

TVOkids is called TVOntariokids after the television network TVOntario, which serves the Canadian province of Ontario. The prefix “kids” means that all programs of the block are designed for preschool and primary school viewers. To emphasize this in the brand’s visual identity, the designers created a logo with multi-colored letters. But if “k,” “i,” “d,” and “s” are colored in different colors of the rainbow, then “t,” “v,” and “o” have the same red hue and look the same as on the TVOntario logo. So the developers showed the connection between the trademark and the media organization to which it belongs.

What are TV Okids?

TVOkids is an abbreviation for TVOntariokids, a daily daytime television block aimed at preschoolers and primary school children. The brand is owned by the Canadian media organization TVOntario, which uses it to broadcast children’s programming. The trademark was created in 1994. The broadcast language is English.

1991 – 1994

TVO Children's Logo 1991

Shortly before the advent of TVOkids, there was a television block of TVO Children’s programming. The logo, its name, consisted of originally designed letters of different colors. At the same time, the word “TVO” was in the upper left corner and was issued in a strict cursive serif font. A little to the right was a dark beige symbol of a crawling man, apparently a reference to children who had not yet learned to walk. This is exactly what the TVOntario logo designed by Dick Derhodge in 1975 looked like.

The second part of the inscription was located at the bottom. The red “C” looked like Pac-Man, the blue “H” was split in half, the pink “I” was wavy, the olive “L” had a square inside, half of the teal “N” was shaded, and the bright green “S” It looked like a slice of avocado cut in half.

1994 – 2009

TVOkids Logo 1994

In 1994, TVO Children’s became TVOkids. The designers introduced the new brand name in lowercase. They made the glyphs jagged and jumpy, and for better readability, they used a bold sans-serif typeface that looked like bubblegum. The letters all had wide black outlines, but ‘t,’ ‘v,’ and ‘o’ were red, while ‘k,’ ‘i’, ‘d’, and ‘s’ were green. To give them visual volume, the developers used a gradient with a smooth transition from a dark top to a light bottom.

2009 – 2015

TVOkids Logo 2009

In the new version, the title of the TV block was white and placed inside a red rectangle with rounded corners that looked like a TV screen. The designers separated “tvo” and “kids,” placing them on two levels. At the same time, both lines were the same in width, for which the top three letters had to be slightly increased. The font also changed, but it was still bold and grotesque. A sign with an inscription was held by a red man. The artists did not detail it and depicted only the protruding parts: a head, legs, and fingers fragment.

2015 – 2019

TVOkids Logo 2015

After another redesign, the name of the program block appeared on a blank background and again took one line, as on the 1994 logo. All letters were multi-colored: “t” – light blue, “v” – light green, “o” – dark green, “k” – orange, “i” – violet, “d” – turquoise, “s” – magenta. The first three glyphs were written in the original font with rounded and thickened ends, and a bold geometric sans serif was used for all the rest.

2019 – today

TVOkids Logo

The designers recolored the inscription, so now the logo has a completely different alternation of colors. The first three letters have the same pink hue. Then comes the light blue “k,” the purple “i,” the orange “d,” and the light green “s.” As for the font, it has not changed much.

Font and Colors

TVOkids Emblem

Both the outward playfulness of the inscription, which manifests itself in different forms of letters and the use of bright colors indicate that the emblem belongs to the block of children’s TV shows. Designers tried to convey lightness, ease, and cheerful mood in TVOkids symbols.

TVOkids Symbol

The first three letters use the exact same font as seen on the TVOntario logo. This is most likely the American Typewriter Medium, designed by Tony Stan and Joel Kaden. But for the second part of the name, the designers chose a bold sans serif, which has several analogs, including Sequel Sans Head Semi Bold by OGJ Type Design, GGX88 Regular by Typodermic Fonts Inc., Nimbus Sans L Bold by URW++ and FreeSans Bold by GNU FreeFont. For the TVOkids logo to attract children’s attention, its palette contains bright colors: pink, light blue, purple, orange, and light green.

TVOkids color codes

AmaranthHex color:#ed2e4d
RGB:237 46 77
CMYK:0 81 68 7
Pantone:PMS 1787 C
Bright CeruleanHex color:#00abd9
RGB:0 171 217
CMYK:100 21 0 15
Pantone:PMS 312 C
Vivid VioletHex color:#80298d
RGB:128 41 141
CMYK:9 71 0 45
Pantone:PMS 254 C
Cadmium OrangeHex color:#f28021
RGB:242 128 33
CMYK:0 47 86 5
Pantone:PMS 151 C
Yellow GreenHex color:#aace35
RGB:170 206 53
CMYK:17 0 74 19
Pantone:PMS 375 C