Twenty-One Pilots announces new album and reveals logo

Twenty One Pilots New Logo

Fans worldwide have been waiting for such good news for a long time, and Twenty One Pilots have already released a song from the album.

In early April, the band announced the release of their new album, “Scaled and Icy,” on May 21, 2021. Also, Twenty One Pilots released the song “Shy Away” and shared the graphics for the new album. Designer Brandon Rike worked on a new visual identity.

Twenty-One Pilots have always used minimalist logos based on geometric shapes. The new era also influenced the visual aspect of the band. The designer created an image in the form of a trident inside an oval. The logo is composed entirely of thin lines, and the drawing can be seen in blue on the song’s release poster and in black and white on the album cover.

Twenty One Pilots Old and New Logo

The cover also features a dragon breathing fire, which perfectly reflects the title of the album. By the way, “Scaled and Icy” is an anagram of “Clancy Is Dead.” In addition to the logo, the designer also worked on the corporate font. It is made using padding at the ends of the letters and harmoniously combined with the group’s new logo. Advertising images with the logo began to appear on billboards around the world and a dedicated website.

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