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The Twenty-One Pilots logo is like a secret sign known only to musicians. The emblem is an unusual talisman of the band with a hint of magical symbols revered in rock culture. The elements read power and contact with the spiritual world.

Twenty One Pilots: Brand overview

Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
Twenty-One Pilots is a US-based musical group founded in 2009 in Columbus, Ohio. Today she is a duo consisting of songwriter, rapper lead singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dan.

Meaning and History

Twenty One Pilots Logo History

The musicians used their unique logo on the cover of three albums: in 2011 – Regional At Best, in 2013 – Vessel, and in 2015 – Blurryface. If you look closely, you can see many meanings in it:

  1. A reference to Norwegian motives (writing “O” with a diagonal slant).
  2. Binding to the number “encrypted” in the name of the collective.
  3. The laconic concept is reflected in the songs.

During the entire existence of the group, she had three types of logos.

What is Twenty One Pilots?

Twenty-One Pilots is an American rock music duo from Columbus, Ohio. The band was formed in 2009 and achieved tremendous success in 2015 with their fourth album, Blurryface.

2009 – 2010

Twenty One Pilots Logo 2009-2010

2011 – 2015

Twenty One Pilots Logo 2011-2015

Those years’ emblem looks like three-wide lines (almost rectangular), arranged in a certain order. The first one is blue, is placed vertically, and stands level. The second, orange, runs diagonally, crossing out space. The third is black, occupies a horizontal position, and is located in the middle, against the first two figures’ background. It is slightly offset, so a narrow white stripe is visible nearby, creating a 3D effect. In this version, the logo first appeared on the 2011 album.

2015 – 2018

Twenty One Pilots Logo 2015-2018

In 2015, a revised version of the previous brand mark was proposed for the next cover. Now it is a combination of graphic and text symbols. The rectangles got thinner and got different lengths. For a better visual perception, the designers separated them and placed them short from each other. Also, they changed their color and took it into a circle, which they placed in a black square. This option graced the Blurryface album.

The text part consists of the phrase “twentyone” (written together) and “pilots.” They are arranged in tiered, in upper case without highlighting upper and lower case letters. The characters have a distinctive slash line that originally connects the two “O’s” in the upper and lower worlds.

2018 – 2019

Twenty One Pilots Logo 2018-2019

The duo’s fifth album (Trench) is decorated with a different emblem, echoing the previous ones only in form. But her content is different. This time, the single lines are replaced by paired oblique lines that run in parallel. The middle element is slightly reduced in size. The edging ring is worn in some places, which gives rise to the effect of a damaged or aged surface.

2019 – 2021

Twenty One Pilots Logo 2019-2021

The emblem of these years is almost an exact copy of the 2015-2018 logo. At the same time, it became a repetition of the previous version. The first gave her shape; the second gave her color. Therefore, the black square depicts a yellow circle with three lines inside: one straight line (left), the second diagonal (right), and the third short vertical (central). All stripes are distinct, even, smooth, without the effect of frayed or aged.

2021 – today

Twenty One Pilots Logo 2021-present

The current emblem has a stereo effect. It is formed by a secondary line (gray), which complements the main (black). It follows the contours of the figures: it goes to the left and below, and not to the right, as usual. This technique makes the sign three-dimensional and as if displaced in space – like a visual deception. At the same time, the designers used completely different elements: a vertical oval and a trident with curly lateral teeth.

Twenty One Pilots: Interesting Facts

Twenty-One Pilots is a music duo from Columbus, Ohio that started in 2009. The band has Tyler Joseph, who sings and plays the piano and ukulele, and Josh Dun, who plays the drums. They mix different kinds of music like rock, electropop, and rap.

  1. How They Got Their Name: The name came from a play about a tough decision a man had to make during World War II. The play is about making hard choices and the effects of those choices.
  2. Early Days: They made and released two albums in 2009 and 2011 before becoming famous. These helped them get their music out there and find fans.
  3. Big Break: Their album “Blurryface” in 2015 had songs like “Stressed Out” and “Ride” that made them super popular. Every song on that album was a hit.
  4. What They Sing About: Their songs discuss serious topics like feeling down, having faith, and dealing with hard times. They use many symbols and stories in their music.
  5. Fans: Their fans are called the “Skeleton Clique.” The band and their fans like to use pictures of skeletons, which symbolize bravery and facing tough stuff.
  6. Music Mix: They’re known for mixing various music styles, which has helped them connect with many people.
  7. Concerts: Their shows are full of energy. Tyler Joseph does things like climbing around, and Josh Dun does cool stunts like backflips.
  8. Grammy Award: They won a Grammy in 2017 and accepted their award in their underwear! It was a promise they made to each other, meaning they’d stay true to themselves no matter what.
  9. Album Stories: Albums like “Trench” and “Blurryface” tell stories with characters and big ideas, making their music even more interesting.
  10. Big Moments: They’ve sold out huge places like Madison Square Garden, played at big music festivals, and have had billions of listens to their songs. They’ve made a big impact on music.

Twenty-One Pilots has brought many music styles together, sharing deep feelings and stories in their songs. Their energetic shows have made them beloved by fans worldwide.

Font and Colors

Twenty One Pilots Emblem

The old logo has a hidden interpretation and is somehow connected with the song Kitchen Sink. Tyler Joseph himself defined it as “something that only I understand.” But in any case, the musicians’ branding always consisted of three lines in different positions and an outlining circle. Moreover, the graphics have evolved from strict geometry to a viciously narrowed emoticon.

The emblem’s basic emphasis is placed on the unique spelling “Ø” in the form of a Norwegian letter with a crossed-out oblique line. For this, a classic sans serif typeface is used – thin, with a wide array of characters.

Twenty One Pilots Logo

The color palette is diverse. In the 2011 version, the logo features vibrant shades of orange and blue that contrast with the black element. Then the colors were changed to white and red. The latter uses only yellow.

Contrasting moods and a contradictory palette dominate the logos of the last two periods. If the logo of 2019 is alarming and disturbing in colors, then the current version, on the contrary, calms and dulls vigilance. In the first case, it is neon yellow on a black square; in the second – light gray and graphite with holes in the blue rectangle.

Twenty One Pilots color codes

Ball BlueHex color:#00bad0
RGB:0 186 208
CMYK:100 11 0 18
Pantone:PMS 7466 C

What does the logo of Twenty One Pilots mean?

Tyler Joseph said about the Twenty One Pilots logo that this is something that only he understands. According to him, this sign denotes the desire of people to create. The lack of understanding of the essence of the logo sets the goal - to live to solve the incomprehensible.

Why did 21 pilots change their logo?

The logo was changed because Tyler Joseph chose to reflect the duo’s all-around protection. To do this, he additionally added one oblique line on each side of the hyphen. The current logo uses the Greek letter Psi in an oval ring.

Why does Twenty One Pilots have a black neck?

Members of the Twenty One Pilots cover their neck and arms in black as a sign of insecurity. By doing this, they show that they are very vulnerable. Josh Dun noted that for them, the feeling of insecurity is like suffocation. Hence the black neck.

Why does Twenty One Pilots use Ø?

Ø – Danish letter from the cover of the Blurryface music collection. It is believed that it is associated with the progenitor of existentialism, Søren Kierkegaard, because this theme, along with the Christian-philosophical, is predominant in the work of Tyler Joseph.