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Disturbed Logo

Disturbed Logo
Disturbed Logo PNG

Disturbed is a US metal band. Founded in 1994 in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

Meaning and History

Disturbed Logo History
Evolution of the Disturbed Logo

The team had several logos, but the most legendary one is featured on Believe’s album cover. It appeared in 2002. Before him, the representatives of the alternative metal had several more iconic options.

2000 – 2002

Disturbed Logo 2000-2002

For the logo of the time, the band used the image of The Guy. This is the musicians’ talisman, representing the Archangel Gabriel, who is essentially a destroyer. The emblem first appeared on The Sickness album. There was no face on it – only empty eye sockets, raised eyebrows, and a grinning smile.

Five years later, it was featured on Ten Thousand Fists. There The Guy appeared in the form of a young man in a torn cloak with a hood. In the next few, he was depicted in the fire, chained, and in the image of the Dark Messiah.

2002 – 2005

Disturbed Logo 2002-2005

During this period, another legendary version emerged. It consists of two parts: verbal and graphic. For the label, the musicians chose a kabbalistic sign located in a circle. These are four religious symbols combined into one emblem: the Muslim crescent, the pagan pentagon, the Christian cross, the Jewish Star of David. Its idea is in the unity of religions. Above is the name of the band of metal rockers.

Then another well-recognized variant appeared. It is finished in a metallic silver color with a 3D effect and is set against a deep red background. The name of the group is gold, the name of the album is black.

2008 – 2010

Disturbed Logo 2008-2010

At that time, the musicians decided to change the brand name, leaving only the inscription. The letters are dark gray, uppercase, complemented with serifs, and highlights.

2010 – 2015

Disturbed Logo 2010-2015

The designers placed the word Disturbed in a black rectangle, making the letters thinner. Made them crisp, legible, and large.

2015 – 2018

Disturbed Logo 2015-2018

The current version looks like a crossed-out name of a musical group. The color scheme is light metallic on a white background. There are elongated shadows above each sign as if they were highlighted from the back.

2018 – present

Disturbed Logo 2018-present

The current logo appeared on the cover of the Evolution album, released in 2018. And this is again text without an icon, the letters of which are turned into graphic elements. This time they look empty because they consist of a thin black border on a white background. The symbols are wide, geometric, even, smooth. Sharp and rounded corners are distributed fifty-fifty – for example, “D” has two sharp corners and two rounded corners. And so with all the other signs. Each letter stands separately, at an average distance from each other, and they do not touch at all.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Disturbed Emblem

While the first logos featured graphics, the latter did not. The graphic image’s role is transferred to the text, where each letter is a separate drawn character. Since 2008, the word “Disturbed” has been played in various ways: curly, serif, bold, crossed out, thin. Moreover, the design moved from complex to simple: there are no curly elements in the modern version – it is extremely terse.

The typeface is individual in each case, developed based on a certain font, but with cardinal changes. So, there are options with spikes, serifs, with the effect of “chipping,” elongated legs, and voids.

Disturbed Symbol

The color combination is more stable: it has always remained monochrome. Most of the albums have the emblem in black and white. The exception was the 2015-2018 logo when beige and gray were used in the design.