AC/DC Logo


The recognition of the cult Australian rock band was provided by the AC DC logo, which has retained its basis for all the years of its existence. The emblem reflects the features of creativity, such as high voltage, electric shocks, and lightning sparks that kindle devotion in the hearts.

AC/DC: Brand overview

Founder:Malcolm and Angus Young
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
AC/DC is a musical group from Australia, founded in 1973. She recorded her debut album in 1975, becoming the legendary collective that influenced all the world’s work. The team was created in Sydney by two Scottish brothers (Malcolm and Angus Young) and works in the genres of hard rock, blues rock, rock, and roll.

Meaning and History

ACDC Logo History

The debut emblem appeared in 1977, simultaneously with the release of the international version of the album “Let There Be Rock.” This event was made possible thanks to a collaboration between Bob Defrin of Atlantic Records VP and popular graphic designer Gerard Huerta. Their partnership is a high voltage, electric shock, lightning strikes that still shine and rattle around the world, sparking a spark of devotion in the hearts of fans. Over the many years of the rock band’s existence, she had several options for the logo.

What is AC/DC?

AC/DC is a music band from Australia, formed in 1973 in Sydney. The band was created by guitarist brothers Angus and Malcolm Young. The legendary band’s repertoire includes various genres of rock and heavy metal. Their debut album, High Voltage, was released in 1975. The band’s lineup has changed frequently, with Angus Young remaining the only original member.

1974 – 1976

AC DC Logo 1974-1976

The first logo is a traditional warning inscription made using a stencil. Typically, such signs are placed on transformer booths, panels, and electrical cabinets to warn that there is a high voltage, which is life-threatening. This option was taken as a basis and was further developed. It was used on the debut Australian High Voltage album, released in 1974. The letters are rounded, with intermittent gaps typical of stencils.


AC DC Logo 1976

This version adorned the cover of the international album High Rock Hard Rock, which was released in 1976. In this emblem, the letters are elongated, with serifs, a green edging, and facing each other.

1976 – 1977

AC DC Logo 1976-1977

The second international and third Australian compilations under Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap received the same design. The logo shows the red and crimson name of the group with black shadows on the right. They add volume to letters.

1977 – today

AC DC Logo 1977-present

In 1977, the Gothic style version appeared. It was first used on the cover of Let There Be Rock in an international format. And two years later, the new logo adorned the Highway to Hell album, released in Australia.

Font and Colors

AC DC Emblem

The brand name of the rockers is associated with the name of the group, which is encoded in the electrical abbreviation. AC – “alternating current”, DC – “direct current”. Instead of slash, the musicians used a more suitable sign – lightning, symbolizing high voltage.

AC DC Symbol

The AC/DC font was constantly evolving and eventually turned into curly symbols with pointed ends. The basic colors are black, white, and red. In one version, yellow and green are also present.

AC/DC color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C