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DJ and producer Martijn Gerard Garritsen uses a minimalist logo with a modern design for his brand. The Martin Garrix logo appears appropriate, stylish, and creative – as does everything this talented individual does. It manifests the graphic expression of his inner world.

Martin Garrix: Brand overview

Founder:Martijn Gerard Garritsen
Amstelveen, Netherlands
Martin Garrix is the stage pseudonym of the renowned Dutch DJ and producer Martijn Gerard Garritsen. Born in the Netherlands in 1996, he entered the music scene in 2012 and, by 2014, became mega-popular and recognized worldwide. He works in several genres: future bass and house (electro, Dutch, and progressive).

Meaning and History

Martin Garrix Logo History

The Martin Garrix logo demonstrates how closely identity is connected to the person it represents. In this case, there is a complete coincidence of name and logo. This is beneficial for creativity and even better for self-promotion! The symbolism is wonderful, fitting the musician’s concept.

As the most successful young DJ, Martin Garrix created a powerful visual label. It’s a stylish, memorable, and modern symbol executed in monochrome. It’s simple and elegant simultaneously. It features a strict design, impervious to time or trends, and is presented in several variations.

What is Martin Garrix?

Martin Garrix is the brand of the famous Dutch musician, producer, and DJ Martijn Gerard Garritsen. Under this stage name, he performs at numerous major festivals and clubs around the world. He began his career in 2012 and rose to fame in less than a year, releasing his hit “Animals.” Subsequently, he received several prestigious music awards, including the MTV Europe Music Award.

2012 – 2014

Martin Garrix Logo 2012-2014

The debut emblem contains a white inscription on a black background. The font is individual and handwritten. The shape is a plaque with the first and last names, one above the other. Letters are styled as careless brush strokes with disproportionate placement. Symbols are elongated (legs for “M,” “N,” “A,” “X,” and horizontal stroke for “T”). This gives the logo a hidden dynamism and internal energy. Additionally, “M” and “G” are much larger than the other letters.

2014 – today

Martin Garrix Logo 2014-present

In 2014, the DJ’s branding took on a new sound. It became more in line with fashion and youth trends. The black and white palette was retained, but the graphic style became completely different. On the dark plate now are two equally sized symbols: plus (+) and cross (x). Separately at the bottom is the inscription “Martin Garrix,” which is slightly longer than the top. The font is Alright Sans Black, straight, bold, and sans-serif.

Font and Colors

Martin Garrix Emblem

The modern version is built on an interesting similarity between “t,” “x,” and “+,” “x.” Designers replaced the corresponding letters in the words placed in a black rectangle with “plus” and “cross” signs. Thanks to this, the logo excellently conveys the spirit of club life and the style of electronic music. The logo is now widely used in mobile applications, websites, fashionable items, and other attributes.

Martin Garrix Symbol

There is another version of the logo. It consists of the DJ’s stage name and surname, the inscription “Martin Garrix” in a column, and divided by a white line of medium width. The letters “t” and “x” are also replaced with plus (+) and cross (x). The color palette is monochromatic – light inscription on a dark background. Sometimes, the rectangle has a white frame around the perimeter.

Martin Garrix color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C