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KISS is an American musical group working in glam metal, heavy metal, hard rock, shock rock, and glam rock. Its participants are famous for their stage outfits, colorful makeup, and outrageous behavior. Performances are accompanied by vivid special effects using fire and pyrotechnics.

Meaning and History

KISS Logo History
Evolution of the KISS Logo

The KISS emblem is one of the most scandalous and recognizable. She appeared in the fall of 1973 and was first featured on a concert poster in New York. Guitarist Ace Frehley is believed to be the author of the idea, who sketched the logo for several ads with a felt-tip pen. Then the drawing was finalized by vocalist Paul Stanley, who has an art education.

Using a permanent marker and a ruler, Paul tried to align the lines. He did everything by eye, so the letters “S” was not the same. They are still slightly different from each other because the rock band did not strive for perfection.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

KISS Emblem

The current emblem is very similar to the original Stanley version. It shows the name of the band: capital letters “K” and “I” sans serif and two “S” in the shape of lightning. Some saw this as a direct reference to the Nazi symbol of the Schutzstaffel organization. It got to the point where the German authorities vetoed the controversial logo and confiscated all KISS albums.

In the late 1980s, the team members had to redo the drawing. So there was a variant with angular “SS,” similar to the deployed “ZZ.” It was used in all countries where fascist signs were banned. Subsequently, Ace Frehley admitted that he did not mean anything bad – he just liked lightning. And the apparent similarity with the Schutzstaffel symbol is just a coincidence.

KISS Symbol

The color palette deserves special attention. In the original, the inscription is red-yellow, with a smooth gradient. The letters are outlined with three lines: one yellow and two black. But there are also simple black and white versions of the logo.