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Megadeth Logo

Megadeth Logo
Megadeth Logo PNG

Megadeth is a successful thrash metal band founded by bassist David Warren Ellefson and vocalist/guitarist David Scott Mustaine. The musicians first performed on stage with such a composition in 1983. Since then, more than 20 members have changed in the group. They have released 15 albums, one of which was nominated for a Grammy.

Meaning and History

Megadeth Logo History
Evolution of the Megadeth Logo

The soundtrack covers are adorned with a logo with the stylized word โ€œMegadeth.โ€ This is the band’s name, which was formed from the consonant noun “megadeath” – a million deaths. This term is often used in the context of nuclear war.

When the debut album “Peace Sells … but Who’s Buying?” Was released, the band used an elegant gothic-style emblem. The red letters with white outlining were written in a square geometric font. “M,” “g,” and “H” had long, curved curls.

On the cover of Peace Sells … but Who’s Buying? for the first time, there is a new logo: the word โ€œMegadethโ€ with serif-spikes. The golden gradient created a 3D effect.

In 1992, the band’s fifth studio album was released. The designers changed the color of the โ€œMegadethโ€ lettering, making it black and silver. This emblem was considered the main one, although other variants were often used. For example, specifically for Cryptic Writings (1997), a circular graphic sign with printed red characters was developed.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Megadeth Emblem

The name of the band is written in an unusual typeface with serifs. The jutting corners match the aggressive mood of the thrash metal genre. Based on the original typography, the Gothic type Megadeth was created by Shane McFee. The bold capital letters are very closely spaced – there is almost no space between them. In this case, “M” and “H” are higher than the rest of the characters.

As for the color palette, it changes all the time. Currently, two options are considered the main ones. The first is a monochrome combination of black and white. The second is a silvery three-dimensional inscription on a dark background. There are also red versions with different shades.

Megadeth Symbol

Also, โ€œMegadethโ€ has its recognizable symbol: a skull with metal โ€œglassesโ€ and โ€œheadphones.โ€ It is a mascot named Vic Rattlehead that is featured on many of the band’s studio albums. The unique character changes in each drawing, but the original shape makes him recognizable.