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The Umbrella Corporation logo can be called fictitious because it belongs to a fictional company from the Resident Evil game universe. Nevertheless, in the game context, the logo symbolizes protection and safety, which echoes the sphere of activity of the big pharmaceutical conglomerate. It reflects the motto “Humanity’s future is safe under our umbrella.

Umbrella Corporation: Brand overview

Founder:Oswell E. Spencer, James Marcus, Edward Ashford
Raccoon City
Umbrella is a fictional company that first appeared in the Resident Evil video game series and then appeared in the movies made as part of the media franchise. It engaged in all kinds of shady activities, disrupted the world order in every way possible, and acted as the main antagonist. In the story, this corporation collapsed in 2003, but its negative influence was felt many years after that. So the Umbrella logo is associated with disasters, zombies, and mass deaths.

Meaning and History

Umbrella Corporation Logo History

Resident Evil’s games and movie adaptations often mention a company that conducts dual activities. On the one hand, it creates medicines, cosmetics, and healthy foods essential to humanity. At the same time, its main source of income is the production of biological weapons. Viruses, developed in secret laboratories, cause mutations and turn people into hordes of zombies.

We are talking about Umbrella Corporation, which is known to all fans of the franchise. Its logo often appears in movies and other media products. But the original source of this symbol is a series of computer games. The octagonal figure, composed of multicolored segments, is depicted in the center of the altar, which appears on the screen every time after defeating a boss.

What is Umbrella?

Umbrella is one of the most powerful corporations in the Resident Evil universe. According to the main storyline, it provided goods and services in the areas of tourism, transportation, food, pharmaceuticals, engineering, chemicals, and cosmetics. But it was all a cover for a forbidden activity – the production of biological weapons.

Umbrella Symbol

The Umbrella logo has a history of its own, detailed in the Resident Evil Village installment. Players can discover it by entering the lab and opening a file with a letter. Its author is listed as Oswell E. Spencer, the founder of the greatest villainous corporation. He recounts how he and Mother Miranda found a mysterious octagonal symbol in a cave and claims that this combination of geometric shapes inspired them to develop the virus. All research was initially conducted for one purpose: to resurrect Mother Miranda’s daughter.

A series of events led to the creation of the Umbrella Corporation. And the image seen in the cave became its logo. The octagon has never changed, so it appears in movies and games. The sign consists of eight fragments in the form of triangles of equal size. They point with sharp corners toward the center, like slices of cut pizza. Only the outer sides of each piece are not convex but slightly concave in the shape of an arc.

The Umbrella logo is red and white, with the colors alternating. The radial gradient with a smooth transition between dark and light shades creates the illusion of volume. The image appears three-dimensional and wavy-convex because the gradient is uneven.

The first thing the Umbrella symbol looks like is an open umbrella: if you look at it from above, it will also look like an octagon divided into fragments. That is, the emblem displays the name of the fictional transnational corporation, even though it does not contain a single letter. By the way, the Chinese company Shanghai Ruilan Bao Hu San Biotech Limited uses a similar graphic sign. It would be OK, but it is also engaged in the pharmaceutical business.

Font and Colors

Umbrella Emblem

The brightness of the Umbrella logo compensates for the absence of inscriptions. At first glance, it contains only two colors: red and white. But there are a lot of shades that go into silver, scarlet, and so on. In addition, each fragment of the octagon is additionally surrounded by a dark line: gray or burgundy, depending on the main palette.

Umbrella Corporation color codes

MaroonHex color:#730a00
RGB:115 10 0
CMYK:0 91 100 55
Pantone:PMS 484 C
CarnelianHex color:#b71d11
RGB:183 29 17
CMYK:0 84 91 28
Pantone:PMS 485 C
Medium GrayHex color:#bcbcbc
RGB:188 188 188
CMYK:0 0 0 26
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 4 C
GainsboroHex color:#d8d8d8
RGB:216 216 216
CMYK:0 0 0 15
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 1 C