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The United Aircraft Corporation logo represents a professional in aircraft construction. In the fine details, elements of airplanes and drafting tools can be seen. The brand’s vision is focused on the future, aiming for new heights and perfected aircraft models.

United Aircraft Corporation: Brand overview

PJSC United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), also known as JSC United Aircraft Corporation, has left an indelible mark on the global aerospace and defense industry since its inception in 2006. As one of the aircraft development, design, and sales leaders, UAC is at the forefront of innovation, meeting the needs of military and civilian companies.

The creation of UAC due to the merger of several private and state-owned aircraft manufacturing companies was a turning point in the development of the Russian aviation industry.

Well-known aircraft-building giants such as Sukhoi, Tupolev, and Ilyushin played a key role in creating UAC, demonstrating their unrivaled expertise.

UAC’s pioneering achievements include Russia’s fifth-generation stealth fighter, Su-57, and the latest narrow-body passenger airplane, MS-21. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible, UAC has redefined the aviation industry and set new standards of excellence.

UAC’s military and defense aircraft portfolio includes strategic bombers, fighter jets, reconnaissance aircraft, and military transport aircraft.

In addition to military equipment, UAC has a diverse portfolio of civil and commercial airplanes, helicopters, and advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

UAC’s influence extends to Russia and other countries. It forms strategic partnerships and cooperates with international aerospace organizations.

UAC’s headquarters in Moscow’s Krasnoselsky district is the “nerve center” for an extensive network of divisions and subsidiaries.

With a rich past and an eye on the future, UAC continues to shape the aerospace industry.

Meaning and History

United Aircraft Corporation Logo History

What is United Aircraft Corporation?

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) came into being in 2006 when the Russian government merged all Russian civil and military aviation enterprises into one structure. The merger took place under the auspices of Rostec State Corporation and was aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Russian aviation industry in the global market. The corporation’s head office was established in the Krasnoselsky district of the Central Administrative District of Moscow, and it has become a significant player in the global aerospace and defense industry. The corporation develops, manufactures, and sells a variety of aircraft, including military, civilian, transport, and unmanned aircraft.

2006 – 2022

United Aircraft Corporation Logo 2006

The emblem of the corporation is thoughtfully designed and stylish. An airplane evolves from a faint, barely perceptible dream into reality, transforming into new, powerful machines that soar into the sky one after another. Two airplanes, painted in red and blue, connect the aircraft manufacturer to the Russian flag.

UAC letters are very large and bolded in uppercase to highlight the bureau as the outcome of merging several brands. The acronym stands for United Aircraft Corporation. The central ‘A’ hole is stylized to resemble a white airplane. The letter’s red, blue, and grey elements demonstrate how the aircraft emerges from assembling individual parts. This design choice reflects the process of designing and creating modern airliners.

The transition from grey to colored letters is another way to depict the evolution of a machine from a blueprint to a real airplane.

Below the acronym, a description in small, grey letters arranged in three tiers further suggests an ascent towards the sky.

2022 – today

United Aircraft Corporation Logo

The full name of United Aircraft Corporation consists of three lines aligned on the left edge. It is written in capital letters without serifs and is smaller than the other elements of the logo. On the opposite side is the abbreviation “UAC,” in which the letter “A” consists of two connected crossbars and a curved triangle. This geometric figure represents a stylized airplane. The identical triangle is separately arranged inside a large circle. All glyphs are dark blue, and the circle has a lighter shade. The chosen color palette symbolizes the sky.

The geometric elements of the logo, in particular the stylized airplane, clearly indicate the company’s focus on aviation. The color scheme effectively uses various shades of blue, bringing thoughts of the sky and flight to mind. The size contrast between the full name and the abbreviation “UAC” adds visual interest, helping to direct the viewer’s attention to the key elements. The logo combines textual and visual elements, conveying the company’s industry and personality.