Unreal Engine Reveals Slightly Tweaked Logo

Unreal Engine Logo

This is not a drastic change in visual identity, and to the naked eye, it may seem that nothing has changed.

Unreal Engine is a popular game engine used by many video game developers. It has been part of Epic Games since 1998. Unreal is the first game to be released on this Engine, and subsequent versions are used to develop different genres.

The Unreal Engine logo was accompanied by almost the same image all along. The vowel “U” became the basis back in 1998. All images show the first letter of the company name with sharp serifs. In 2004, these elements changed, especially at the bottom, but in 2021, the designers scaled down the image. It is now placed in an invisible circle (negative space).

Unreal Engine New Logo

The evolution of the Unreal Engine logo has not been accompanied by drastic changes, such as a new color palette or other shapes. In this sense, developers and designers are rather conservative, which positively affects the company’s recognition. Epic Games is currently inactive litigation with Apple and has already acquired an entire studio of professional video game artists, Artstation.

Unreal Engine Emblem

Unreal Engine Old and New Logo (history)