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Upwork (full name of Upwork Global Inc.) is an American platform for freelancers worldwide, where various job offers are published. It is the link between organizations and individuals: the former are interested in hiring a qualified employee to perform a specific task (usually short-term), while the latter offer them their services. The Internet site appeared in 1999. Its founders are Beerud Sheth, Srini Anumolu, Sanjay Noronha, Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis. Head offices are located in California, in the cities of San Francisco and Santa Clara.

Meaning and History

Upwork Emblem

The firm had several bases. The very first is Elance. That is what she was named by Beerud Sheth, an MIT alumnus, and Srini Anumolu. At first, the company did not even have its own office – it existed in a private two-room apartment. In December 1999, she moved to Sunnyvale, in the heart of Silicon Valley, where she developed her first product, the Elance Small Business Marketplace.

The second base is oDesk, created in 2003 by two friends – Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis, who were not only in different cities but even in different countries. One of them lived in Greece, the other in the United States. At first, it was a platform on which those who were looking for remote employees concluded working deals.

At the end of 2013, both structures announced the merger. At first, they did not deviate far from their previous names and called the joint project Elance-oDesk. Two years later, the freelance platform received the name Upwork and the original identity. This happened in September 2015. Now users from all over the world know her. The site has 5 million registered employers and 18 million specialists who find vacancies and complete tasks online.

In 2020, the startup underwent major changes. The new management introduced a rigid system for assessing the level of skills, knowledge, and experience. Therefore, many freelancers were disqualified after checking, greatly reducing the number of registered users. But the changes bypassed the visual symbols of the company: the logo remained the same.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Upwork Symbol

The logo is based on the current name of the freelance platform – “Upwork.” To visually differentiate the two words included in it and indicate the direction of work, the designers used different colors. As a result, “up” is colored light green, and “work” is colored dark graphite. The background is just white space.

They also have different typography styles. The first word is made in an individual font, simultaneously representing an ampersand, a paper clip, and a personal signature. The second is austere because all the letters are ranked and written in a sans serif typeface. Both stems are fused together to form a coherent textual structure. So the authors conveyed the connection between the two sides of a single creative process – performers and employers.

In addition to the expanded version of the logo, there is an abbreviated one. It looks like a rectangular icon. The square is green, in the color of the first two letters on the base logo. It contains the inscription “up,” stylized as a graphic element. In this case, it is white so that the letters look clearly against the pale light green background.

For their logo, the Upwork Global Inc. I chose a contrasting style, so on one side of the lettering, there is an individual element; on the other – a classic one. The second part is executed in pure grotesque, which unites both bases of the name.

The signature palette includes a powdered green spectrum. He is calm and bright. Also available in black and white. The company’s administration recommends combining these three colors together, so the icon is found in different design options.