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The USA Network logo conveys the channel’s focus on showing movies and series. The emblem emphasizes individuality, reflecting the tastes and preferences of its users.

USA Network: Brand overview

Founded:September 22, 1977
Founder:NBCUniversal (Comcast)
New York City, United States
USA Network is an American television channel owned by NBCUniversal. It produces its own series and broadcasts popular movies from film studios. It broadcasts in English and Spanish. The USA Network logo is familiar and loved by 98% of families using pay TV.

Meaning and History

USA Network Logo History

The company started in 1977 as a sports television channel, gradually expanding its broadcasting. Today, it broadcasts reruns of series, other network channels, movies, and sports programs throughout the day.

The numerous logo changes are tied to changes in the network’s ownership. The network was resold no less than seven times, and each new owner reviewed the channel’s concept and program list.

What is USA Network?

It’s one of the cable channels of American television, popular for its broadcast of series and movies.

1977 – 1980

Madison Square Garden Sports Network Logo 1977

The first logo is very massive and noticeable.

At the center of the composition is a schematic image of a sports arena in New York. In reality, the exterior design of the building is in the form of strips; however, they form a cylinder, not a ribbed surface. In the picture, the blades are open as if allowing viewers to peek inside the arena. The image shows that the channel is dedicated to its listeners in all major sports events, revealing the mystery happening on the field.

The choice of both the logo and the name is related to the fact that Madison Square Garden played an active role in creating the network. And the main broadcasts came from its walls.

A large black inscription with the channel’s name, placed in four lines, makes the logo too massive. Capital letters demonstrate the importance of sports news and coverage of central, most popular games. The logo also indicates primacy, as this was the first cable sports channel in the US.

1980 – 1981

USA Network Logo 1980

The program list was expanded. In addition to sports events, children’s shows, program blocks, and films were added. Therefore, the channel’s name was changed to a more general one: USA Network. Accordingly, the logo was updated.

The new emblem did not have graphic elements and was letter-based. The inscription was arranged in two levels. A smaller inscription of Network balanced the large abbreviation. The size of the letters USA emphasized the coverage of most of the country’s territory, and the word Network indicated distribution through the cable network.

For the logo, national colors were used: red and blue, which emphasized love for their country.

1981 – 1996

USA Network Logo 1981

In 1981, the changes that had begun a year earlier continued. The network changed ownership. Ownership was distributed equally among the three companies. This led to an even greater change in content, the addition of cartoons, women’s shows, the production of its own series, and the broadcast of popular films from other networks.

The visual symbol underwent minimal changes. Its colors became more muted. The inscription was done in a uniform font, which demonstrated the new owners’ aim to develop a common style, shaping a memorable “face” of the channel.

1996 – 1999

USA Network Logo 1996

The channel’s ownership initially shifted from Paramount Network to Viacom, then to Seagram, which purchased both Viacom’s and MCA’s shares, becoming the owner of 2/3 of the shares. These were resold to businessman Barry Diller, the owner, and founder of several companies. He merged his networks with the new acquisition and completely revamped the airtime, leaving only original programs made in the USA. The logo was also changed.

The font of the name was altered. The squat black letters were transformed into a stretched inscription, indicating the coverage of many viewers and expansion through new channels. A blue star was hidden behind the first letter U. It alludes to the national symbol of the USA and conveys the new direction of broadcasting and the choice of television shows.

The three protruding rays of the star resonate with the three notes that sounded in the air when the emblem appeared.

1999 – 2002

USA Network Logo 1999

The new logo of the network is very patriotic. It features, in addition to the familiar abbreviation, the American flag unfurling. Underneath the composition is the inscription “Network,” to make clear which US enterprise is being discussed.

The thin letters give the image lightness and airiness, demonstrating coverage across the entire territory of America and a selective approach to programming.

2002 – 2005

USA Network Logo 2002

The channel’s ownership transitioned to Vivendi, which made it part of the Universal Television Group. Now, the airtime preference was given to the in-house series.

The new owners retained the identity chosen by Diller, only slightly modifying it. The emblem retained its concept, but the colors became more vibrant, and the letters of the inscription became thicker. The size of the flag was reduced, with five red stripes instead of the standard 7. Overall, the sign conveyed the variety of programs and the network’s stability, favoring American-produced content.

2005 – today

USA Network Logo

In 2004, the company became the property of NBC Universal, and a year later, an advertising campaign was launched emphasizing comedy and drama series.

The new logo turned out to be the most impressive and unusual. The company Imaginary Forces developed this version of the symbol. The first three letters of the abbreviation USA are closely intertwined with each other. At the same time, each one is clearly visible due to the interplay of black and white color. The black U and A beautiful contrast with the white S overlaid on a black circle. Sometimes red is used instead of black, adding expression and fire to the sign, or blue, demonstrating a wide range of programs.

The interlacing of white and black elements in the center resembles the Yin and Yang symbol, unity of opposites, and feminine and masculine principles, demonstrating that the channel’s focus is on individuals and characters of beloved series and movies.

Font and Colors

USA Network Emblem

The primary colors of the logo are patriotic blue and red, as well as black and white.

  • Blue – represents a business approach, development of partnerships, and digital networks.
  • Red – signifies engaging, exciting shows and a careful approach to viewers.
  • Black – symbolizes stability and reliability.
  • White – indicates regular updates to the network’s concept and its content.

The combination of white and black also suggests broadcasting during both day and night.

USA Network Symbol

The font of the inscription resembles Dolcissimo Regular. Using lowercase letters indicates that the channel has no relation to the country’s name. Moreover, the lowercase approach makes the network appear more approachable to viewers.

USA Network color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C