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The Utah Utes logo is very authentic and memorable. The emblem draws a parallel between the university’s and state’s modernity and history, reflecting the qualities athletes have adopted from the Native Americans.

Utah Utes: Brand overview

Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.
The Utah Utes is a sports community at the University of Utah, comprising 19 teams in 13 sports. The Utah Utes logo can be seen at Pac-12 Conference games in the NCAA Division I.

Meaning and History

Utah Utes Logo History

The movement began to develop at the end of the 19th century. Now, the university sponsors separate sports for men and women. Only basketball, soccer, and tennis have two co-ed teams. The most successful teams are soccer and gymnastics.

Despite its long history, the university’s team’s logo remains constant. Over 50 years, only minor changes have been made.

What is Utah Utes?

The University of Utah’s sports movement, led by Mark Harlan, includes 19 university teams competing in the NCAA Division I. It is based in Salt Lake City.

1975 – 1988

Utah Utes Logo 1975

The emblem of the sports movement is inextricably linked to the state’s history. It consists of a circle with two Native American feathers attached on the left, with the plumes pointing downward. Inside the circle, the capital letter U is inscribed, indicating its affiliation with the University of Utah.

The circle symbolizes unity and cohesion, conveying the team spirit of the sports movement. It serves as a prototype figure:

  1. Native American Faces. The native inhabitants of Utah were the Ute Indians, comprising several tribes (Muache, Capote, Yampa, Sanpits, and others). The territory was named in their honor. The university was founded before the name appeared and is therefore inextricably linked with the region’s history. The teams have officially been granted permission to use this name. Their earlier nickname, “Redskins” and the first team mascot, an Indian, confirm the logo’s symbolism related to Native American culture.
  2. Drum. A musical instrument of the indigenous tribes, used in ritual dances and shamanic work.
  3. Ball. Football was the first sport in the movement. The men’s team appeared in 1892.

The two feathers attached to the circle hint at the traditional Native American headdress – the roach adorned with feathers. In many headband variations, two downward-pointing feathers were attached at the temples.

In the emblem, the decoration takes the form of eagle feathers. They were believed to have special properties and were used for protection. This headdress was worn during warfare. For sports teams, war is the battle on the playing field. The eagle feathers were supposed to protect from injuries and defeat, bringing victory. Interestingly, the sports movement later chose the red-tailed hawk Swoop as its mascot, while the logo continued to use eagle feathers.

The “U” is the central letter in the university logo and the team name, so its central position in the composition is justified and immediately draws attention.

Overall, the choice of Native American symbolism for the visual sign indicates that the team’s athletes have inherited the outstanding physical abilities of the indigenous people: strength, agility, speed, stealth, balance, and endurance.

1988 – 2003

Utah Utes Logo 1988

The main change in the logo is related to the color of the letter U, which turned from pink to red. This change shifted the focus from a theme of childhood towards a fierce struggle for leadership. As a result, the emblem gained a more vibrant and lively “sound.”

2003 – today

Utah Utes Logo

The sports movement actively developed. The teams joined the Mountain West Conference. This is reflected in even darker and more saturated red colors in the emblem. Changes affected the letter U and the feather tips. The palette combines the colors of the first two logos, giving rise to the bright “cardinal” shade. This indicates the leading positions of the teams in the university rankings.

Font and Colors

Utah Utes Emblem

The main color in the logo and the athletes’ uniforms is red. It was a symbol of fire among Native Americans. Their headdresses always included this shade. In the sports movement, it is the color of victories, active battles, and strength.

Utah Utes Symbol

The lettering font is massive, with large serifs, demonstrating confidence and assertiveness.

Utah Utes color codes

CardinalHex color:#c32033
RGB:195 32 51
CMYK:0 84 74 24
Pantone:PMS 1788 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C