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The Valvoline logo is colorful and bright, demonstrating the brand’s development in various directions. The emblem encodes the chemical processes that lead to the birth of the company’s new products.

Valvoline: Brand overview

Founded:September 6, 1866
Founder:John Ellis
Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.

Valvoline is the first manufacturer and trademark of lubricating oil in America, registered in 1866. Its products are sold in 140 countries. In 2021, the company was reorganized into two separate firms: Global Products (lubricants) and Retail Services (oil change stations). Global Products and its brand Valvoline have been owned by Saudi Aramco since 2023.

Meaning and History

Valvoline Logo History

The oil-producing company was founded in 1866; the name Valvoline was born in 1868 and registered in 1873. Therefore, it is likely that the first brand logo was created by the time of registration. Since then, the visual symbol has been updated many times. However, the main idea of the composite letter V, invented in 1965 by the new brand owners, has been preserved throughout the ownership history until 2016 and beyond. In recent years, Valvoline has gone “freelance” and then found a new owner, so updates to its identity can be expected.

What is Valvoline?

An American brand that produces lubricants, oils, brake fluids, car care products, automotive chemicals, and engine additives. Sales volume exceeds $2 billion. Production facilities are located in several US states, Latin America, Asia, and Australia. Seven thousand five hundred employees work at the plants. The headquarters are in Lexington.

1886 – 1941

Valvoline Logo 1886

The first logo featured a panoramic semi-circular inscription with an oval oil container in the background. The dots inside the oval symbolize molecules or droplets of oil that do not mix with the liquid. This technique indicated the refining process, during which light liquid oil fractions evaporate, leaving oily droplets. The dots also resemble air bubbles formed when the oil is poured into bottles.

The container’s opening indicated that it was a trademark registered in 1873.

The semi-circular placement of the inscription conveyed the company’s scope, scale, and distribution of branded products across the American continent. Green is the color of chemical reactions, the shade of growth, and the establishment of a new corporation.

1941 – 1965

Valvoline Logo 1941

1965 – 1976

Valvoline Logo 1965

1976 – 1980

Valvoline Logo 1976

1980 – 1987

Valvoline Logo 1980

1987 – 1997

Valvoline Logo 1987

1997 – 2005

Valvoline Logo 1997

2005 – today

Valvoline Logo

The modern company logo consists of a large letter V and the brand name below it.

Each glyph of the letter has its color, and the triangle at the bottom represents its connection. The elements symbolize the two directions in which the conglomerate has developed: gas stations and lubricants. Together, they help provide first-class service to customers who receive new products and their installation, pouring, application, etc.

The second interpretation of the multicolored element in the logo is an indication of the chemical processes underlying the creation of fluids for vehicles.

The multicolored details also represent the diversity of the company’s products.

Font and Colors

The brand’s visual sign is a combination of three colors: red, blue, and green.

  • Red – symbolizes fuel. Liquids and agents for engines and machines in general. Oil, from which most products are made.
  • Blue – hints at lubricants that ensure smoothness. Antifreeze.
  • Green – represents technologies and chemical processes used to create progressive means.

The gray outline of the visual sign indicates metal, machinery, and vehicles.

The font resembles Cybertron. Strictly vertical letters of the inscription without inclination indicate stability. The company has reached its peak and strives to maintain confident positions. The square glyphs with rounded corners resemble cans, containers for storing oils, antifreeze, and brake fluids.

Valvoline color codes

Pigment RedHex color:#eb1c27
RGB:235 28 39
CMYK:0 88 83 8
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Picton BlueHex color:#51afe5
RGB:81 175 229
CMYK:65 24 0 10
Pantone:PMS 2995 C
Marian BlueHex color:#254893
RGB:37 72 147
CMYK:75 51 0 42
Pantone:PMS 7687 C