Verily Unveils New Branding Emphasizing Unity and Growth

Verily New Logo

At a time when technology is shaping and redefining healthcare solutions, Verily is at the forefront, championing a new approach to holistic healthcare. Verily’s updated brand identity, highlighted by a new logo, embodies its commitment to combining data accuracy with human-centered care.

Since its inception, Verily has been an innovative force, continually pushing the boundaries of software, hardware, and healthcare services. Verily’s multifaceted approach to healthcare solutions illustrates its expansion into areas ranging from drug research to clinical trials, from healthcare financing through its Granular subsidiary to personalized care management.

Central to Verily’s mission is the Precision Health Platform. It serves as a bridge between research and real-world care, seamlessly integrating patients into research activities and providing useful information to healthcare providers, pharmaceutical partners, and payers.

In the process of transforming the company, it was necessary to create a unified brand image. Thus, the strategy of “precision through gestalt” emerged. It emphasizes the belief that individual healthcare solutions, while powerful, gain exponential power when integrated cohesively.

Verily’s updated logo eloquently conveys this thought. It combines a square, symbolizing accurate data, with a triangle, reflecting the human relationship to health. Their confluence forms the characteristic “V” that represents Verily’s commitment to combining rigorous science with human care. A green color palette reminiscent of growth and nature complements this design, reflecting Verily’s ethos of holistic, nature-centered health.


Verily Logo Evolution (history)

Verily’s suite of products exemplifies a holistic approach:

  • Verily, Viewpoint offers a comprehensive set of tools for clinical research.
  • Verily Onduo, designed for people with chronic conditions, epitomizes personalized virtual care.
  • Verily Numetric is a powerful tool for analyzing health data.
  • The upcoming Verily Me promises a patient-centered transformation that will seamlessly integrate research with treatment.

A visit to the revamped website further immerses you in the brand’s universe. It showcases the company’s flagship offerings, and is designed to be a source of knowledge, featuring insights from prominent healthcare figures.

Verily, one of Alphabet’s first ventures, has made significant strides. Collaborative efforts such as an alliance with Dexcom to create advanced glucose monitoring devices and academic partnerships with prominent professionals such as Stanford and Duke have laid the foundation for realizing its expansive vision.