Vetcor Announces Major Rebranding

Vetcor Logo New

After a quarter-century of thriving business and establishing over 800 local veterinary practices, Vetcor has decided to breathe new life into its brand. The sweeping rebrand aims to fortify the company’s expanding network of veterinary professionals while reinforcing its core principle of bolstering local practices with stability, educational avenues, and resources.

The keystone of this revitalization is the phrase, “Life is Better Here.” This straightforward mantra encapsulates Vetcor’s central mission to elevate pet care standards. It serves as the cornerstone of the rebranding initiative, designed to foster an inviting and energetic atmosphere centered on the well-being of pets.

The Vetcor logo uniquely embodies the spirit of pet friendship. A subtle twist on the lowercase’ v’ imitates a pet’s tail wag, embodying the happiness and comfort pets offer to their human companions. Employing lowercase letters in the wordmark aims to make the brand accessible, urging customers to form a deeper, more personalized relationship with the brand.

A salient feature of the rebrand is the deliberate downplaying of the term “Cor” within the company name. This move distances the brand from a rigid corporate persona, spotlighting its primary focus on animal care rather than on corporate aspects.

Vetcor Logo Evolution (history)

The color scheme forms another significant component of Vetcor’s fresh look. Dominated by a vivid shade of green that recalls a freshly mown lawn, the color scheme is rounded out with secondary colors that mirror the sky and sunshine. The intent behind these colors is to evoke idyllic outdoor moments shared between pets and their owners.

Additional design ingredients include utilizing the tail-like flourish as a dynamic visual element. This graphic feature infuses a layer of visual dynamism into Vetcor’s unified marketing assets.

By overhauling its brand identity, Vetcor underscores its enduring commitment to a pet-first approach. This rejuvenated brand is poised to carve out its distinct space in an ever-more competitive sector, fortified by its compelling message, “Life is Better Here.”