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Vietnam Air Services Company logo compels the brand’s identity, distilled into a few distinct elements. The abbreviation VASCO is prominently featured in large, sans-serif letters. The first two letters, “V” and “A,” are rendered in a standard way, while the last three, “S,” “C,” and “O,” display a rectangular shape with truncated corners. This innovative manipulation of typography infuses the design with a sleek, business-like demeanor. An abstract geometric figure sits inside a ring beside the acronym to complement the text. This polygon echoes the shape of a stylized “V,” and the emblem is set in a calming shade of blue, signifying constancy and the boundless sky.

The standard “V” and “A” offer an initial point of familiarity, easing the viewer into the more unique forms of “S,” “C,” and “O.” These latter shapes, with their truncated corners, provide a striking visual contrast and add a contemporary flair. They break away from the conventional curvature of many typefaces, lending the design a unique profile.

Next to the text, the geometric figure inside a ring captures the eye. At first glance, it appears to be a simple form, but it carries a load of symbolism. Its shape, reminiscent of a stylized “V,” can be seen as an abstract representation of flight or even an airplane, core components of the company’s services. This adds another layer of meaning to the emblem, making it particularly fitting for an aviation brand.

The choice of blue as the emblem’s color is apt for multiple reasons. Blue is often associated with the sky, a natural domain for any aviation-related brand. At the same time, blue stands for attributes like trust, loyalty, and wisdom. By opting for this color, the emblem embodies values essential for a service provider in the aviation sector.

The ring encompassing the geometric figure also holds its symbolic value. Often interpreted as a symbol of unity, infinity, or inclusion, it encases and highlights the central figure. It forms a protective loop around the core element, signaling safety and reliability, which are fundamental aspects of the aviation industry.

Vietnam Air Services Company: Brand overview

Founded: 1987
Founder: Vietnam Airlines
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
It was initiated in 1987 as a subsidiary of Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam Air Services Company (VASCO) had its operational base in Ho Chi Minh City. Two years later, using turboprop aircraft, the airline commenced domestic flights connecting Ho Chi Minh City with Hanoi, Danang, and other Vietnamese cities.

During the 1990s, VASCO broadened its reach to encompass more cities within Vietnam and initiated international flights to neighboring Asian countries. However, in 2003, the company underwent restructuring and adopted the new name, Vietnam Airlines Southern Service Company, with a shift in focus toward maintenance operations.

This restructuring led to the cessation of scheduled passenger services in the same year, following 14 years of operation. The main reason for this shift was an inability to remain profitable in the face of increasing competition.

Despite this, the company continues to operate in a limited capacity as a maintenance and ground handling services provider, still owned by Vietnam Airlines. VASCO maintained a small fleet of turboprop aircraft at the height of its operations, serving about 15 domestic and regional international destinations.

VASCO’s tenure as a passenger airline was brief, but it played a significant role in developing domestic air transportation within Vietnam during the 1990s.

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