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Vietnam Air Services Company: Brand overview

Founded in 1987 as a subsidiary of Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam Air Services Company (VASCO) had its operating base in Ho Chi Minh City. Two years later, using turboprop aircraft, the airline began operating domestic flights connecting Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, Da Nang, and other cities in Vietnam.

In the 1990s, VASCO expanded its operations to more cities in Vietnam and began operating international flights to neighboring Asian countries. However, in 2003, the company underwent a restructuring and was renamed Vietnam Airlines Southern Service Company, shifting its focus to maintenance.

As a result of the restructuring, the company ceased scheduled passenger operations that same year after 14 years of operation. The main reason for this move was the company’s inability to remain profitable in the face of increasing competition.

Despite this, the company continues to operate in a limited capacity as a maintenance and ground repair service provider, still owned by Vietnam Airlines. At its peak, VASCO had a small fleet of turboprop aircraft, serving approximately 15 domestic and regional international destinations.

VASCO did not last long as a passenger airline but played a significant role in the development of domestic air transportation in Vietnam in the 1990s.

Meaning and History

Vietnam Air Services Company Logo History

1987 – today

Vietnam Air Services Company Logo

Vietnam Air Services Company, better known as VASCO, uses a shortened version of its name in its logo. The abbreviation is written in large sans-serif letters. While the letters “V” and “A” look standard, the letters “S,” “C,” and “O” have a rectangular shape with cut corners. The lack of rounded edges gives the font a stylish and professional look. Next to the text is a circle containing an abstract geometric figure – a polygon resembling a stylized letter “V.” The blue color of the emblem symbolizes constancy and vastness of the sky.

The choice of blue color for the emblem is associated with such attributes as reliability and trustworthiness, which are associated with aviation companies. The stylized letter “V” inside the circle serves as a visual focal point, making the emblem more dynamic and attractive. The cut corners in the letters “S,” “C,” and “O” give the emblem a modern, streamlined aesthetic that may appeal to a contemporary audience.