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The symbols of the Vimeo logo are like a videotape that winds from the host to the user’s storage. The emblem demonstrates modern technologies, cloud storage of information, and remote access to a large number of videos and tools for creating videos.

Vimeo: Brand overview

Founded:November 2004
Founder:Zach Klein, Jake Lodwick
New York City, United States
Vimeo rose to fame as the first video hosting service to allow you to download and watch HD videos. In this, he bypassed YouTube and other sites that offered such a function several years later. A professional video platform can be used as a marketing tool for aspiring entrepreneurs and global brands because it provides all the opportunities to create impressive videos. Well, the advanced settings open up new horizons in terms of content promotion.

Meaning and History

Vimeo Logo History

Vimeo is committed to staying connected with a global presence. Its offices are located in different parts of the world and are subordinate to the headquarters in New York. The website traffic reaches over 175 million people per month. Users are offered free accounts (500 MB per week) and paid premium subscriptions that expand the volume of downloadable content.

But Vimeo is attracting attention for more than that. An important part of a video hosting strategy is its recognizable logo. The visual identity changed twice as the platform was looking for its unique style.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a New York-based company that owns the eponymous video hosting service. The service was created in 2004 and was intended for sharing short videos. It was a project of the American holding company Connected Ventures, later becoming the property of IAC. In 2020, Vimeo gained independence, separating from IAC. Its name is formed by rearranging the letters in the words “video” and “me.”

2004 – 2005

Vimeo Logo 2004-2005

The Vimeo service was created in 2004 to share interesting stories or creative ideas through online video broadcasts. Its name at the same time looked like an anagram for the word “movie” and as a mixture of the words “video” and “me.” It was this that served as the basis for the first logo. The designers used uppercase black sans serif letters and placed the lettering on a white and gray background with a gradient.

2005 – 2006

Vimeo Logo 2005-2006

In 2005, the name of the video hosting was changed to lower case. The font became similar to the handwritten one, although the “v” and “i” were separate, with a small letter spacing. The developers made the letters rounded, removing absolutely all corners. They also repainted the word blue and changed the background color to white without adding any other shades.

2006 – today

Vimeo Logo 2006-present

2006 proved to be a watershed in the history of Vimeo. It was then that the American video platform acquired its iconic logo, by which it can be easily recognized. The design is based on the previous version. However, there are still differences: the creators connected the letters, increased the thickness of the lines, and aligned all the diagonal strokes to be located at the same angle. Simultaneously with the complete inscription, an icon in the form of “v” appeared.

Vimeo: Interesting Facts

Vimeo is unique because it focuses on high-quality video hosting and sharing.

  1. Early Adopter of HD Video: In 2007, Vimeo was the first to offer high-definition video, raising the bar for online video quality.
  2. Created by Filmmakers: Launched in 2004 by filmmakers, Vimeo was built for sharing and enjoying videos, with a strong emphasis on creativity and quality.
  3. No Ads: Vimeo doesn’t show ads to its viewers, providing a clean, uninterrupted experience that prioritizes content quality.
  4. Tools and Subscriptions for Creators: Vimeo allows creators to make money directly from their audience through subscriptions and by selling or renting their videos without relying on ads.
  5. Cutting-Edge Video Tech: Vimeo supports the latest video technologies, like 360-degree video and virtual reality, encouraging innovation among creators.
  6. Focus on Community: The platform is home to professional videographers, independent filmmakers, and enthusiasts who all appreciate artistic, high-quality videos.
  7. Staff Picks: Vimeo’s team curates outstanding videos, highlighting them for their quality and creativity. Getting picked can significantly increase a creator’s exposure.
  8. Global with a Local Touch: Vimeo reaches viewers worldwide but offers a localized experience in several languages and regions, supporting creators everywhere.
  9. Invest in Original Content: Vimeo produces its original series and documentaries, further supporting the creative community with high-quality, unique content.
  10. Evolving with the Times: Shifting towards a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Vimeo now focuses on providing professional video tools for businesses and creators, adapting to the changing online video landscape.

Vimeo stands apart in digital video because of its commitment to quality, community, and innovation. This makes it a go-to platform for professional creators and video lovers.

Font and Colors

Vimeo Emblem

The Vimeo wordmark replaces the full-fledged graphic symbol because it is unusual, vibrant, and recognizable. The designers tried to convey the relaxed mood of the service, to arouse subconscious trust in users. Even small angles that appear at the ends of “v” and “m” do not spoil the overall impression. They look like serifs, when in fact, they are not.

The full logo with the name of the video hosting and the “v” icon is written in the stylish Black Rose font from the Regular subfamily, created by typographer Michael Hagemann in 2009. But the designers slightly changed the lettering, reducing the distance between them. If the inscription had been in the original typeface, it would have taken up a little more space due to the long connecting lines.

Vimeo Symbol

Global experiments with color ended in 2005 when blue replaced black. In 2006, the developers changed the shade, choosing the darker Vimeo Blue (# 1AB7EA). At the same time, the classic white background remained.

Vimeo color codes

Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#00adef
RGB:0 173 239
CMYK:100 28 0 6
Pantone:PMS 801 C