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Vladivostok Air: Brand overview

Established in 1992 as a subsidiary of Aeroflot, Vladivostok Air was focused on serving the Russian Far East from its hub in Vladivostok. In the 1990s, the airline operated domestic flights within the Russian Far East region, as well as international routes to China, Japan, and South Korea.

In the 2000s, the airline increased its fleet and route network due to passenger growth. The airline’s fleet consisted of regional propeller aircraft and narrow-body Airbus airliners. By the end of the decade, Vladivostok Air successfully transported more than one million passengers per year on regional and East Asian international routes.

In 2008, Aeroflot took full ownership of Vladivostok Air to centralize its operations in the Far East while retaining its brand. However, by 2013, Aeroflot decided to fully integrate Vladivostok Air into its operations, resulting in the airline’s last flight in December 2013.

At its peak, Vladivostok Air operated more than 30 aircraft, flying to many domestic and international destinations in the Far East and Asia. The airline played a crucial role in providing air service to Russia’s remote eastern regions, and its merger with Aeroflot in 2013 marked the end of 21 years of operations.

Meaning and History

Vladivostok Air Logo History

1992 – 2013

Vladivostok Air Logo

The letters “VA” stand for “Vladivostok Air” and are located inside a large blue circle representing the sky. They are formed by a negative space of white color. Both glyphs are written in a unique font with contrasting stroke thickness. Both “V” and “A” have one elongated diagonal line each, continuing to the edge of the circular base. These lines are parallel and create the illusion of movement.

The blue circle symbolizes the sky and carries the qualities of reliability and immensity. The contrasting thickness of the strokes in the letters brings dynamism to the design. The elongated diagonals extending beyond the edge of the circle reinforce the sense of movement, hinting at the vastness of the airline’s routes and the speed of air travel.