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Vladivostok Air logo is an elegant visual marvel crafted with an individualistic font style and contrasting stroke thickness. Encased within a large blue circle representing the sky, the letters “VA” are created from the negative space in white. The “V” and the “A” feature elongated diagonals stretching toward the edge of the circular background. These lines are parallel and give the overall design an illusion of movement.

The letters’ contrasting stroke thickness adds depth and visual interest. The elongated diagonals stretching from each letter’s corners toward the edge of the blue circle make for an innovative and eye-catching element. These diagonal lines inject the emblem with a sense of dynamism, making it look like it’s constantly in motion. This is an artistic metaphor for the airline’s ceaseless services and perpetual commitment to connecting destinations.

Centering around the symbolism of the sky represented by the large blue circle, the emblem perfectly aligns with the very core of aviation. Blue stands for the sky and the sea, unlimited exploration and freedom. It’s a color that resonates with depth, wisdom, and stability—qualities that any air service provider must uphold for operational excellence.

The letters “VA” within the circle carry the weight of the brand’s identity. These letters represent Vladivostok Air not merely as initials but as a representation of the airline’s ethos and geographic origin. Using negative space to form the letters ensures they stand out while blending harmoniously with the circle’s sky-blue background.

The illusion of movement created by the parallel elongated lines adds another meaning to this design. Movement, after all, is integral to the aviation industry, where flights connect distant locations and enable cultural, social, and economic exchanges.

Vladivostok Air: Brand overview

Founded: 1992 – 14 December 2013
Founder: Aeroflot
Vladivostok, Russia
Established in 1992 as an Aeroflot subsidiary, Vladivostok Air was set up to cater to Russia’s Far East from its hub in Vladivostok. During the 1990s, it conducted domestic flights within the Russian Far East region and embarked on international routes reaching China, Japan, and South Korea.

The 2000s saw the airline grow its fleet and route network thanks to a surge in passenger numbers. Its aircraft lineup comprised a blend of regional propeller planes and Airbus narrowbody jets. Towards the end of this decade, Vladivostok Air successfully transported over a million passengers annually across regional and East Asian international routes.

In 2008, Aeroflot gained full ownership of Vladivostok Air to centralize its operations in the Far East while maintaining its brand. However, by 2013, Aeroflot decided to fully integrate Vladivostok Air into its operations, resulting in its last flight taking off in December 2013.

At the height of its operation, Vladivostok Air managed over 30 aircraft, providing service to many domestic and international destinations across the Russian Far East and Asia. The airline played a crucial role in ensuring air connectivity for Russia’s distant eastern regions, and its integration into Aeroflot in 2013 marked the conclusion of its 21-year service.

Meaning and History

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