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The Volokit emblem seems simple only at first glance. The Volokit logo symbolizes the seriousness, reliability, and responsibility of the online service that publishes live sports broadcasts. This is what a real business approach looks like.

Volokit: Brand overview

United States
The online streaming platform Volokit positions itself as a legal alternative to popular sports streaming sites, where you can watch professional leagues and student associations from the United States and Canada. The main sections feature past and upcoming events from the world of sports. Videos are available in HD so fans can enjoy their favorite team or athlete.

Meaning and History

Volokit Symbol

The Volokit service is not monetized: it doesn’t even have ads and pop-ups. It allows you to watch streams of different competitions for free without registering on the site. You don’t need to download any client programs or browser applications. Video content can be viewed on mobile devices, laptops, desktop computers, and televisions with SmartTV.

The site provides the latest live broadcasts and comprehensive information and news about the latest sports events, including results and competition schedules. It streams NASCAR, soccer games worldwide, seasonal games, and playoffs for MLB, NFL, NBA, UFC, NHL, live NCAA, and boxing (including IBF, WBC, WBO, and WBA).

What is Volokit?

Volokit is an online service created especially for sports fans. It allows users to join in with free live match broadcasts. The website features a wide range of current games, including soccer, basketball, hockey, car racing, and boxing.

Given the great variety of sports content, the Volokit platform attracts fans who follow the success of their favorite team. Especially for them, there is a special forum Volokit Community, where users can talk about past and upcoming events, discuss sports leagues, and find out the latest news and results of the games.

Despite the entertainment orientation of the service, its logo looks very strict and does not contain even a hint of what it is for. It consists of just two words: “Volokit” and “Community” written in black on an empty white background (the site uses the reverse version – white text on a black base). Both parts of the name are on one line, with enough space between them to make the word combination legible.

Font and Colors

Volokit Emblem

The designers did not bother at all about the symbolism of the Volokit Community logo because it consists only of the site name. There are no images that could hint that this is a sports community where fans of different leagues gather. Minimalism implies that the users already know what the service is for.

For the title “Volokit Community,” they used the same font that is used for all the headlines on the site. It generally resembles Sequel Sans Disp Semi Bold from OGJ Type Design. Still, it has a rounder “o” and “t” with the top cut off at a 45-degree angle, as in Sophia Nubian Bold from SIL International or another similar typeface, FreeSet Demi from ParaType. The distinctive elements of the style are the square dots above both “i’s.” They dilute the overall roundness of the glyphs.

There’s nothing remarkable about the logo design: its creators even followed the grammatical rules, putting the first “V” and “C” in uppercase and leaving the rest of the letters lowercase. The black and white color scheme makes the site’s name strict and casual. On the other hand, the design does not attract extra attention and allows sports fans to focus on discussing games, their results, and the latest news.

Volokit color codes

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Pantone:PMS Process Black C