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The Volotea logo is technological and modern. Every detail is imbued with the theme of flying and Spanish symbols. The emblem is a true mosaic of textures and geometry, highlighting the carrier’s dynamic nature.

Volotea: Brand overview

Volotea, a budget airline headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, began its flight operations in 2012. The airline’s mission is to operate short to medium-haul flights across Europe, focusing on connecting smaller cities and regional destinations overlooked by larger carriers.

The airline’s primary hub is at Barcelona–El Prat Airport, and it has additional significant bases in Venice, Nantes, Bordeaux, and Palermo, among others. It operates a fleet comprising around 40 Airbus A319 and A320 family aircraft, enabling it to serve approximately 100 destinations across various European countries, including Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and Germany.

What sets Volotea apart is its commitment to linking secondary, often less accessible cities, which generally lack direct flights to major hubs. Its low-cost model offers competitive base fares, with additional services such as seat selection available for an extra charge.

In 2019, Volotea transported over 8 million passengers. Private investors from Spain and France own the airline. Despite challenging market conditions, the airline has managed to maintain steady growth and keep its operational costs in check. Notably, it was among the few European airlines that managed to avert losses during the pandemic.

Volotea’s distinctive features include its single-class, all-economy seating arrangement, strategic focus on smaller airports, and in-house onboard catering service.

Meaning and History

Volotea Logo History

2011 – today

The Volotea logo consists of two main elements. The first is a large brown inscription using a sans-serif font. The letters stretch upward, symbolizing an aspiration towards the sky. The brown color represents reliability and stability.

The second element is a diamond shape in the top right corner. This shape is divided into nine squares: four red, four red-and-white striped, and a central white square. The color scheme reflects the motifs of the Barcelona flag. The stripes symbolize the Crown of Aragon, while the red and white symbols hint at the Cross of Saint George.

The arrangement of the striped squares forms a propeller, linking the symbol to the theme of flying. The diamond appears to be about to start spinning, suggesting movement, speed, and travel.

The central white square symbolizes purity, reliability, and safety, evoking passengers’ trust in the airline.