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Communication in a separate virtual world offers the VRChat logo. The emblem promises contact with other users inside an artificially created reality. Within its limits, everyone can look as they wish and say what they want.

VRChat: Brand overview

Founded:January 16, 2014
Founder:VRChat Inc.

VRChat is an ambitious project that was launched in 2014. It allows gamers to create their avatars and spend time in virtual worlds. To control a 3D character model, you can use the HTC Vive Tracker peripherals (capture the movement of the legs and lower back) and the Oculus Touch and Index Controller (recognize gestures by the position of the fingers). The game supports many VR accessories and headsets, although it can work in desktop mode, where nothing of the kind is required.

This is not just a video game but a whole social network designed for interaction between users. And its whole point comes down to changing rooms and avatars. On the other hand, the ability to generate your mini-worlds and experiment with the characters’ appearance makes VRChat a place of surrealism and anarchy.

The game creator is VRChat Inc. Its co-founders are programmer Graham Gaylor (now CEO) and designer Jesse Joudrey. They have embodied their passion for modern technology in an innovative project expressed in virtual avatars and instanced worlds.

The online platform continues to evolve. The developers have simplified the animation process of movements and added new features so that gamers can reach an improved level of control over a three-dimensional character.

Meaning and History

VRChat Logo History

The VRChat logo looks like a callout, a graphical means of expressing speech. The cloud with text illustrates the main purpose of the online platform: acquaintance and communication. The logo appeared at the very beginning when VRChat was released for Microsoft Windows. Such stability of the identity makes the company and its game recognizable all over the world.

What is VRChat?

VRChat is an Internet platform for users to communicate through their created worlds and avatars. It is compatible with most virtual reality devices. However, it is also suitable for maintaining contacts in standard mode. The web resource was developed by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey, who first launched it in 2014.

2014 – 2016

VRChat Logo 2014

The logo consisted of a horizontal rectangle with even 90-degree corners and a black border. But it was not just a background for the name, but a dialogue cloud, as evidenced by the downward pointing ledge. Inside was another rectangle – a smaller one painted black. It was on it that the main inscription was placed: it denoted not only the name of the Internet service but also its type – a chat, that is, a resource for user communication. The addition of “vr” looked unusual because the first letter was shaped like a “U,” and the second looked like an inverted “L.” Such a “disguise” is due to the fact that this is a platform for contacting avatars in an unreal world.

2016 – today

VRChat Logo

The emblem is shaped like a rectangular text balloon with rounded sides and a triangle at the bottom right. This graphic element contains within itself the inscription “VRCHAT,” which is visually divided into two fragments: the letters “VR” are on the left on a white background, and the word “CHAT” is located on the right inside a black rectangle.

The dialogue balloon, in this case, serves a double function. First, it focuses on the game’s name: all geometric shapes are used as a decorative frame to the text. Secondly, the dialogue cloud symbolizes the process of communication in virtual reality, where direct speech is transmitted in writing.

VRChat: Interesting Facts

VRChat is a free virtual reality platform where people can hang out using 3D avatars. It started in 2017 and has grown because of its fun community.

  1. How It Started: VRChat was created to give people endless social VR fun by making their content.
  2. Make Your World: Users can create their worlds and avatars, which lead to many unique places and characters.
  3. Built on Unity: It uses the Unity engine, so if you know how to use Unity and 3D modeling, you can make pretty much anything.
  4. Famous for Memes: It’s famous for memes like “Ugandan Knuckles,” which helped make VRChat more popular.
  5. Not Just for VR: You don’t need VR gear to join in. A desktop mode lets you play without all the VR equipment.
  6. Events and Gatherings: There are various events, from casual hangouts to big virtual conventions.
  7. Sign Language Community: A big group of users communicate using sign language, making it a welcoming place for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.
  8. Helping People: Some find VRChat helpful for overcoming social anxiety because it’s a safe place to practice talking to others.
  9. Interactive and Fun: With Unity’s Udon language, creators can make interactive games and puzzles in their worlds.
  10. Cultural Influence: VRChat has left its mark on internet culture and the VR world by showing how virtual spaces can connect people.

VRChat is all about creativity and bringing people together in virtual spaces. It’s a peek into the future of how we might all hang out online.

Font and Colors

VRChat Emblem

To make the lettering compatible with other logo elements, the designers chose a font from the Dosi family. It is characterized by rounded corners, no serifs, and uniform line thickness. This makes the name of the online platform look great, surrounded by rectangles. And the Bold style makes it clear and expressive. Argentinean typographer Pablo Impallari created this typeface in collaboration with Edgar Tolentino.

VRChat Symbol

Simple geometric shapes and unpretentious typefaces are combined with a minimalistic palette. The designers chose the classic version – a black and white color scheme. The monochrome image emphasizes the originality of the game and allows you not to be distracted by minor details. Also, due to the combination of dark and light elements, the necessary contrast is achieved, making the logo memorable.

VRChat color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C