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VTC14 Logo, reimagined in 2018, brought a touch of modern simplicity to the Vietnamese TV channel’s identity. It consists of a two-tiered composition, with “VTC” inscribed in white on three green squares. These squares rest atop an enlarged solid green rectangle, which houses a bold white “14” rendered with straight, clean lines.

The revamped design communicates several meanings. The green color is frequently associated with growth, harmony, and freshness, implying that the logo channel aims to deliver fresh, harmonious content that promotes growth and understanding. The green squares could also symbolize stability and balance, denoting the logo channel’s dedication to providing balanced, reliable news and information.

The white inscription of “VTC” on the green squares reinforces the brand identity, while its simplicity suggests clarity and straightforwardness. This may reflect the logo channel’s commitment to delivering clear, uncomplicated news and information to its audience.

The bold white “14” in the lower green rectangle might denote the channel’s name but also add to the logo’s balanced aesthetic. Its white color, like the “VTC” above, suggests purity and truth, qualities that the channel strives to uphold in its content.

The VTC14 emblem stands for growth, harmony, clarity, balance, and truth, effectively representing the channel’s values and objectives.

VTC14: Brand overview

Founder:Vietnam Multimedia Corporation
Hanoi, Vietnam

VTC14, established in 2009, has rapidly ascended the ranks of popularity to become one of Vietnam’s leading TV channels, securing over a million-strong audience due to its unwavering commitment to professionalism and high-quality content.

Serving as a beacon of trust and credibility in the realm of Vietnamese television, it offers a diverse programming lineup. From engaging news broadcasts and insightful documentaries to entertaining dramas and variety shows, the channel consistently delivers content that resonates with its viewers.

Meaning and History

VTC14 Logo History

The brand identity of VTC14 is simple yet compelling. Its logo, the channel’s name in a clear, modern typeface, stands as a symbol of its approach to broadcasting – direct, honest, and uncomplicated. The color scheme, predominantly blue, projects a sense of reliability and commitment, which aligns with its brand values.

A defining characteristic of the brand is its tagline, “Cùng bạn mỗi ngày,” meaning “With you every day.” This message embodies its dedication to accompanying its viewers in their daily lives, providing them with valuable and engaging content every step of the way. The tagline, along with the meticulously curated content, forms an essential part of the channel’s ethos of establishing a meaningful connection with its audience.

The steady rise in its viewership stands testament to its successful brand identity and its ability to meet and exceed viewer expectations consistently.

What is VTC14?

VTC14 is a Vietnamese television channel owned by the Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC). As a 24/7 news and current affairs channel, it offers various programs, including national and international news coverage, economic updates, cultural features, and other public interest stories. VTC14 is committed to delivering accurate, timely, and objective news, contributing significantly to the media landscape in Vietnam.

2009 – 2015

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2015 – 2017

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2018 – today

VTC14 Logo

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Spanish GreenHex color:#00984a
RGB:0 152 74
CMYK:100 0 51 40
Pantone:PMS 354 C