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The Wall Street Journal logo is on the front page of each issue, so it has black lettering in bold type, which immediately catches the eye against the rest of the text.

Wall Street Journal: Brand overview

Founded:July 8, 1889
Founder:Charles Dow, Edward Jones, Charles Bergstresser
New York, United States

The Wall Street Journal is the flagship publication of Dow Jones & Company, Inc., and it is owned by News Corporation, one of the largest media companies in the United States. The international newspaper is published mainly in English, but there are two Asian versions: Japanese and Chinese. The main content – business and financial news, is aimed at American business people.

One of the world’s oldest and most respected newspapers debuted in 1889. But before becoming a major periodical with a large circulation, it was a collection of daily reports that interested only stock traders. The Wall Street Journal got its modern format in the 1940s, during the period of intensive development of financial institutions in the United States. And in 1996, it got an electronic version.

Meaning and History

Wall Street Journal Logo History

The newspaper, known primarily for its financial and business news, uses a utilitarian logo with no superfluous details. It contains nothing but a caption and is placed as a general headline on the front pages of the issues. It is essentially a nameplate that provides basic information about the product: in the case of the Wall Street Journal, its name. The nameplate is unique because it has a dot at the end of the word combination, which looks like a small circle in the lower right corner.

The Wall Street Journal Symbol

The designers added the article “THE” in front of the inscription and made all the letters capitalized to accentuate them, to stand out against the rest of the text. All four words are lined up in one row, so the logo is horizontally oriented. The lack of extraneous elements suggests that the newspaper seeks to show its importance, perspective, seriousness, and superiority.

What is Wall Street Journal?

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most popular periodicals in the United States. It comes out six days a week and covers mostly financial news. It also covers other topics that relate to economics, politics, science, business, and lifestyle. Dow Jones & Company, Inc publishes the newspaper.

The Wall Street Journal, which a major media company owns, uses only a wordmark to identify itself. And because its design hasn’t changed in a long time, modern readers will immediately recognize the distinctive black letters, elongated vertically and decorated with long serifs. The dot at the end symbolizes the completeness of a thought, an idea, in this case, the integrity and completeness of the information presented on the pages of a periodical.

Font and Colors

The Wall Street Journal Emblem

The newspaper’s name is written in a contrasting sans serif font, all glyphs being in upper case. It is probably Mencken Standard Head Compressed Bold, an antique created by the French designer Jean François Porchez and produced by his Typofonderie. There is a similar but not identical Escrow Cond Bold typeface. It is used in most Wall Street Journal headlines. Its designer is the famous American illustrator Cyrus Highsmith. The logo is all black so as not to violate the standards of international publication design.

Wall Street Journal color codes

EigengrauHex color:#1c1c21
RGB:28 28 33
CMYK:15 15 0 87
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C