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Washington Nationals Logo

Washington Nationals Logo
Washington Nationals Logo PNG

Washington Nationals is a professional baseball player team that is part of MLB. The club represents the East Division NL. The team was formed in 1969 and is based in Washington, DC.

She began her career in Montreal as the Montreal Expos, which was founded by Charles Bronfman. After 22 years, the franchise was acquired by Claude Brochu. It belonged to him for eight years – from 1991 to 1999. Then again, the change of ownership took place: Jeffrey Loria bought it. The business owner was in the majority owner’s status until he made a deal with MLB on the complete transfer of rights to the team. This event dates back to the 2002nd year.

This was the first step to moving, as the club required a more confident and solvent manager to avoid disbandment. In September 2004, Major League Baseball announced that the franchise was slated for relocation to the District of Columbia, but the former owners tried to appeal the decision. However, MLB put an end to all lawsuits: on December 3, 2005, other teams approved the Montreal Expos move to Washington.

Washington Nationals Emblem

When Theodore N. Lerner became the owner of the club (in 2005), he first hired Stan Kasten, appointing him as president. He planned to radically review the roster to bring new players to the new stadium. With the change of location, the name of the franchise also changed: it has since been known as Washington Nationals.

The club had two logos that were repeated in different modifications: one appeared in the foundation year, the other after moving. The debut version contained the capital “M” and the combination “e” plus “b.” The logo was well recognized, so it remained in use for over 30 years. Having received a new name, the team changed the previous graphic sign to the letter “W.”

Meaning and History

Washington Nationals Logo History
Evolution of the Washington Nationals Logo

What is Washington Nationals?

The Washington Nationals was the first Major League Baseball franchise in Canada to join the league in 1971. The fact is that it was previously known under a different name – Montreal Expos. After moving in 2005, she became the eighth MLB team based in Washington.

The Washington Nationals team was founded as Montreal Expo, which naturally reflected in its symbolism. The first two logos are the original combination of “e” (expo), “M” (Montreal), and “b” (baseball). The structure of this combination is very interesting, so it looked good at competitions of any level. The first letter is lowercase and is located at the bottom left, the second is uppercase and is in the middle, the third is also lowercase and is formed from one of the legs “M”.

Then a radically different option appeared, associated with a change in the location of the franchise: she moved from Montreal to Washington. In this case, the style of the emblem changed, having received an updated design. Then the emphasis was placed on the letter “w”.

1969 – 1991

Montreal Expos Logo 1969-1991

For the first 40 years, the Montreal Expos club used this particular logo, which looked great on the Expos de Montreal Baseball. The interlaced red, white, and blue letters “EMB” correspond to the phrase Expos de Montreal Baseball. Under them, in blue block letters, the word “expos” is made.

1992 – 2004

Montreal Expos Logo 1969-1991

In 1992, the team changed the logo for the second time. The logo was based on the letters “EBM,” which were present on the previous logo and placed in a classic white baseball (ball). The ball itself is located inside the red-blue ring, on which the full name of the “Montreal Expos” team is written.

2005 – 2010

Washington Nationals Logo 2005-2010

Washington Nationals replaced the name of the team, and, accordingly, the logo concept was changed. The main part is occupied by the inscription “Nationals” in white with a red-blue outline, and above it is the word “Washington” in white with a red background. A white baseball ball is visible from under the inscription, around which is a blue ring with nine white stars.

2011 – present

Washington Nationals Logo 2011-Present

The current Washington Nationals emblem is based on previous versions. The logo is minimalistic and modern. The club currently uses the legendary “W” borrowed from the Washington Senators. This allowed the athletes to maintain the city’s baseball tradition. Still, Washington Nationals developed its configuration, which was approved in 2011.

The red “W” is located in the middle of the emblem on a white background and is surrounded by a thin blue stripe. The center ring represents the ball. It is surrounded by two lines of different colors, forming a wide space with the team name. Five-pointed stars separate the words. The modern version is a mirror image of the 1992 version, where the name of the franchise is simply replaced.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Washington Nationals emblem

The graphic part of the logo has always been varied. If there was only a stylized image in it, then later (since 1992) text design appeared. It began to be used along with graphics. Simultaneously, the classic circular shape of the rondel appeared, which is often used in the symbolism of sports teams. The difference between this option and the others is the handwritten letter “W” in the center.

Washington Nationals Symbol

The typography of the key element visually resembles italics, and the surrounding lettering resembles the grotesque typeface Neutraface Text Bold. These are strict straight sans serif characters, whereas, in early versions, the designers used a serif typeface. Moreover, the letters have always been in the capital, except for the debut emblem.

The official palette consists of scarlet, crimson, blue, and white. All of them are present to incorporate logos of different years.