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The Washington Post logo conveys the business nature of the newspaper, which is considered one of the most respected publications in the world. At the same time, the emblem’s unusual style emphasizes the brand’s long history, which appeared in 1877. It is an expression of authenticity and a manifestation of love for a long tradition.

Washington Post: Brand overview

Founded:December 6, 1877
Founder:Stilson Hutchins
Washington, D.C., U.S.

The Washington Post is a respected publication that ranks second in the number of articles awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Its journalists have won hundreds of awards and fellowships, which speaks to the high quality of its content. Positioning itself as an independent source of information, WaPo (the paper’s unofficial name) reports on various topics – primarily political. Each new issue is complete with the iconic Washington Post logo: black lettering in gothic style. It is known almost everywhere because print media has a large international audience.

The early history of the newspaper, and thus its identity, began in 1877. American reporter Stilson Hutchins decided to produce his periodical to spread Democratic Party ideas among the people of the United States. He named it the Washington Post because he had recently moved to Washington, D.C., and was targeting metropolitan readers.

Meaning and History

Washington Post Logo History

The paper was renamed a few months after its debut but reverted to its original name in 1878. It is what is shown on the logo, which many Americans remember because of the distinctive typeface. In the basic version, the inscription is lined up in one line, but visually it seems compact because the letters are elongated vertically.

The words “The Washington Post” take pride on the front page of each issue, at the very top of the rest of the material. Despite the abundance of the surrounding text, it is visible because the glyphs are uniquely shaped. This is a variant of the Old English typeface created specifically for WaPo. The letters are adapted for the periodical and fit its concept: they are as unusual, attractive, and unique as the author’s reports.

Washington Post Symbol

What is Washington Post?

The Washington Post is a major American newspaper that has a large circulation. It is famous for its articles covering the work of the U.S. national government. New issues appear every day of the week. They are aimed only at Eastern Seaboard residents: primarily Washington, D.C., Maryland, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Although the newspaper occasionally changes its slogan, it hesitates to experiment with the logo. After all, gothic lettering has become its main identifying symbol against other publications that use black wordmarks. The name of the Washington Post is incomplete with any decorative elements, but they are not needed in this case: each letter already looks like a work of art in its own right. Gaps in the form of elongated white lines on the left side of the glyphs reinforce this impression. They make the sign seem three-dimensional, which is what the designers wanted.

Font and Colors

Washington Post Emblem

Many people think the Washington Post logo uses the Old English BT font from Engravers, but this is not the case; you can tell the difference in almost all the letters. Most likely, the typographers developed a custom set of glyphs for the newspaper, which has no analogs and is designed only for WaPo. You can find something similar, such as the Old London typeface, but the match will be challenging. The black lettering demonstrates the seriousness and pragmatism of the edition. It is a classic color for the logos of major national newspapers in the United States.

Washington Post color codes

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