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The Watch Dogs logo is a secret cipher only an experienced tracker can crack. The emblem speaks of hidden information that one must strive to obtain and show ingenuity.

Watch Dogs: Brand overview

Founded:27 May 2014
Watch Dogs is an action-adventure video game, a product of the French company Ubisoft. Divisions in France and Canada handled the development. The series emerged in 2014 and consists of three parts. It was developed on the Disrupt engine. Since its release, over 20 million game copies have been sold.

Meaning and History

Watch Dogs Logo History

The plot of Watch Dogs and genre specifics are conveyed using a word logo with an unusual presentation. Despite the three parts of the action game, new emblems have been proposed only for the first and last versions. Interestingly, the rebranding is a completely identical variation of the first logo but with a different wave of distortions. Using the same technique to create an emblem indicates that the essence of the game and the meaning of the tasks in it have not changed.

What is Watch Dogs?

It’s a spy game with mission execution based on information warfare. The action of three parts unfold in Chicago, San Francisco, and London. Different characters: Aiden Pearce, Marcus Holloway, and from the third version, any game world participants perform the tasks set using the global system ctOS.

2014 – 2020

Watch Dogs Logo 2014

The game logo is its title, on which wave interference is visible. The technique hints at eavesdropping, hacking, spy games, and signal interception. The basis of the plot is secret information gathering and the execution of dangerous missions. The logo points to the complexity of data collection and fragmentary information that must be combined into a whole.

Thanks to the dash between Watch and Dogs, the phrase appears to be printed on a monitor, speaking to digital systems that the participant has to hack.

2020 – today

Watch Dogs Logo

In 2020, the latest version of the game titled Watch Dogs: Legion was released. An updated logo was introduced with the update. Its appearance has changed little and was a transformation of the interference of the first variant. The new version of the franchise is a thematic twin of the first adventure, so the last emblem evolved from the previous one.

The transformation demonstrated a move forward, changing the game’s location and tasks while maintaining the overall motif. The action unfolds in London. The player enters the fight of DedSec with the militarized formation Albion for the fair name of the organization and to save London’s inhabitants. The interference stripe in the emblem passes right through the center of the inscription, distorting all letters in one style, hinting at teamwork within a large organization.

The fused writing of the words Watch Dogs suggests teamwork, unlike the solitary main player in the first two parts.

Font and Colors

The logo is executed in monochrome black color. The dark shade resonates with the theme of spies. It points to the secrecy and stealth of the heroes. It is suitable for embodying the idea of surveillance, eavesdropping, and hacking.

The font of the inscription is unique due to the distortion of letters. Each stroke is like a crackling sound in the air. The participant needs to focus on distinguishing the message.

Watch Dogs color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C