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The Webtoon logo has a pleasing color but doesn’t capture the essence. It doesn’t adequately convey the culture of South Korean digital comics. The service has a simple sign, the main characteristic of which is two-dimensionality. The emblem represents both the website and the application, so it must be visible on the screens of any media device. This criterion is definitively met.

Webtoon: Brand overview

Founder:Naver Corporation, Line Corporation
South Korea
Webtoon is a genre of digital comics that originated in South Korea in the early 21st century. These comics are accessible on a special online platform and mobile devices as an application. In South Korea, this hosting service was first organized in 2004 by Naver Corporation. Later versions for Android and iOS emerged. The platform for the South Korean region was called Naver Webtoon. On the international stage, it was launched in 2014 as Line Webtoon. The creator of this direction in Asian manga is JunKoo Kim. The current owners of the platform are Naver Corporation, holding more than 66% of the shares, and Line Corporation, owning more than 33% of the shares.

Meaning and History

Webtoon Logo History

After the decline of the manhwa industry in the 1990s (manhwa is what South Korean comics are called abroad), JunKoo Kim refused to accept this and founded Webtoon in 2004. He aimed to compensate for the declining number of new mangas. He expanded their reach by integrating them into the online space, believing the younger generation would gladly scroll through web pages filled with Asian comics. Initially, the platform was only available online, but later, it became available on mobile devices.

Gaining adequate attention in its home country, the South Korean digital comics service gradually entered the international market. This happened a decade after its official foundation, in 2014. Naturally, the project needed a logo that aligned with its concept of “drawn text.” As a result, a unique textual logo emerged, characterized by a relaxed atmosphere. Importantly, it remained verbal throughout.

What is a Webtoon?

Webtoon is a digital platform for comics of a unique genre in Asian culture. It appeared in South Korea in 2004 and became known in foreign online spaces only in 2014. Its initial names were Naver Webtoon and Line Webtoon. The founder of this direction is JunKoo Kim. The current owners of the services are Naver Corporation and Line Corporation.

2014 – 2017

Webtoon Logo 2014

The launch of the Line Webtoon website and mobile app worldwide began with a white-green logo in a casual style. The background was unusual: a chaotically colored element resembling a circle with unevenly protruding edges. It looked like a brush-smeared blot, with the title in the middle. Due to limited space, the inscription occupied two levels aligned on both sides. The letters themselves appeared as if applied with paint, making them unconventional. This casual style created an atmosphere far removed from rigid and formal design.

2017 – today

Webtoon Logo

After its update, the Webtoon logo gained geometric features and smoothness. It now has clear edges, even letters, a multi-layered base, and a restrained color scheme. Specialists from Troika Design Group crafted it this way. The background consists of a shape of undefined form, appearing to be an assembly of different figures: rectangles and trapezoids with angled cuts.

Centered is the name of the website and the app, aligned by width. It is typed in white, sans-serif letters. The font is uppercase, bold, and even. It lacks the casualness typically associated with brush lettering. In this case, the glyphs are refined. Yet, they retain a unique touch. Upon closer inspection, one will notice that the symbols vary in height. In the top row, the characters on the left are shorter than those on the right, while in the bottom row, the opposite holds: the initial letters exceed the rest in size. This results in a perspective effect in the emblem.

Font and Colors

Webtoon Emblem

The Webtoon logo utilizes two typefaces, both fitting within the concept of South Korean manga. One resembles Augie—a font used for comic books. It is casual irregular, and features letters of different sizes. The other version looks like Geometrico Ultra Black or Rational Text Extra Bold.

Webtoon Symbol

The corporate color palette consists of white (usually used for the name) and two shades of green—light green and dark mint. These colors symbolize growth, flawlessness, harmony, nature, and balance.