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Typically, online chats use emblems that directly or indirectly indicate their line of business. The WeChat logo is no exception. The WeChat logo should be taken as a call to communicate in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The emblem invites you to open the application to always stay in touch.

WeChat: Brand overview

Founded:21 January 2011
Founder:Tencent Holdings Limited
WeChat is software that allows millions of users worldwide to exchange messages with each other. The first release appeared in 2011. The application is available to owners of Android and iPhone-based smartphones and those users who prefer personal computers and laptops. WeChat mainly operates in the market of China, where about 230 million people are active users.

Meaning and History

WeChat Logo History

WeChat is the main analog of WhatsApp, designed specifically for the Chinese market. The creation of the messenger was because many international messenger programs are not available to locals. Most users will immediately find similarities between the two applications. And it is not just about functionality but also about the tools of visual recognition. An identical color scheme is used for the logo. For all the time WeChat has been on the market, there have been only two logo variants. Moreover, the only redesign made only minimal changes.

What is WeChat?

First of all, it is the ability to write a message anywhere and anytime. The user-friendly interface and navigation only add to the appeal of the application in the eyes of the target audience.

2011 – 2019

WeChat Logo 2011

Messenger became available to the target audience in 2011. At the same time, the first version of the logo was also presented to customers. It depicts the same elements as in the current version, namely a verbal inscription that repeats the name of the brand and the emblem. For the messenger’s name, a modern sans serif font with rounded corners was chosen. In this case, the letter “e” is superimposed on the “C.” Thus, the logo looks playful and provocative. The first part of the inscription is presented in green and the second in white. The same color palette was chosen for the emblem. It is presented in the form of two dialogue symbols, which are superimposed on top of each other. Each dialogue depicts two dots, which can be associated with both eyes and a typed message. All of the logo elements, in turn, are inside a dark gray rectangle that acts as a background.

2019 – today

WeChat Logo

The 2019 redesign led to a simplification of the logo, even though all the main elements have been retained. At the same time, the background was removed, making the image even brighter and friendlier. The dialog symbols became identical in size to the verbal lettering. The green and white gradients were used to make the emblem more vivid. It is what is used as an icon for mobile applications and personal computer versions. A classic sans serif font in dark gray with capital “W” and “C” was used for the lettering.

Font and Colors

WeChat Emblem

The modern and unique style used in the first version of the logo was replaced by a simpler and more concise one in the subsequent redesign. At the moment, the logo font is closest to the classic Arial, made with thin lines.

WeChat Symbol

Classic for the logo WeChat is a green-white color palette. Many people associate green with life and communication, while white speaks of unity. The simplification of the verbal inscription, which is done in one tone in the current version, further motivates users to pay attention to the emblem, which is the “highlight” of the application and some reference to the more famous WhatsApp.

WeChat color codes

PistachiodHex color:#a3d065
RGB:163 208 101
CMYK:22 0 51 18
Pantone:PMS 7487 C
Yellow GreenHex color:#8fc953
RGB:143 201 83
CMYK:29 0 59 21
Pantone:PMS 7488 C
La Salle GreenHex color:#227b3d
RGB:34 123 61
CMYK:72 0 50 52
Pantone:PMS 348 C
Anti-Flash WhiteHex color:#ebeced
RGB:235 236 237
CMYK:1 0 0 7
Pantone:PMS 663 C
AluminiumHex color:#8d8d8d
RGB:141 141 141
CMYK:0 0 0 45
Pantone:PMS 877 C
Davy’s GrayHex color:#4e4e4e
RGB:78 78 78
CMYK:0 0 0 69
Pantone:PMS 7540 C