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In terms of style, the Wednesday logo harmoniously continues the horror atmosphere that the popular television series is saturated with. At the same time, he is old-fashioned, imposing, and attractive. The spikes on the glyphs do not scare the audience at all – on the contrary, they attract it how it attracts a gift hidden from loved ones on the eve of the holiday. This is such a holiday of the soul conveyed in comedies because, yes, this is humor, although black.

Wednesday: Brand overview

Founded:November 23, 2022
United States
Wednesday is a television series that harmoniously combines horror and comedy. It is dedicated to supernatural characters and the events surrounding them. The executive producer of the novelty is one of the cinematic kings of mysticism, Tim Burton. American actress Jenna Ortega plays the main role. The film debuted on 11/16/22, and a week later, it appeared on Netflix and almost immediately rose to the second line in the most popular English-language series rating.

Meaning and History

Wednesday Logo History

Interest in the themes of supernatural mysticism and horror, generously seasoned with humor, arose a long time ago: even the first films about The Addams Family with the same name hypnotized the audience. Then, an animated cycle was shot on the crest of their fame. And in 2022, the geniuses of cinema decided to tickle the nerves of admirers of black humor with another grandiose work. And they succeeded in part because almost all the images that passed from film to film were preserved.

The beginning of the main character’s actions, Wednesday, stretches from the hellish Addams family. All its representatives, of course, appear in the serial film. Morticia, Gomez, and Pugsley are the starting point for the actions of a terrible girl because she grew up in their environment. According to the plot, terrible things happen around her, which, however, she arranges herself. The oppressive atmosphere could not but affect the series’s logo, so it conveys the prickly nature of the character because each letter in it is decorated with spikes. Pointed protrusions and large serifs directly testify to the difficult nature of a heartless teenager.

What is Wednesday?

Wednesday is the name of an American TV series and the name of its main character. It tells about members of the Addams family, particularly about a daughter who arranges mischief, harming others, but at the same time tries to guess the secrets that arise on her way. She possesses psychic powers and confronts the monster. The series is filmed in the genres of mysticism and horror comedy. It began production in the fall of 2022.

Logo Wednesday

Wednesday’s text logo is the very embodiment of evil. It conveys the oppressive atmosphere of the series and the inaccessible character of the main character. Everything is concentrated in it: rage, external causticity, peak tension, confrontation of the worlds. But on the other hand, the glyphs look elegant: they are like a cast from some heraldic genealogies that came together in a single impulse in the girl’s name.

The inscription is made in large letters in uppercase, but the “W” is larger than the rest of the characters. She seems to pay tribute to the image of a mystical rebel set against the whole world. “W,” “N,” and “A” have elongated parts that go beyond the standard level, which indicates the character’s desire to go beyond the boundaries of the generally accepted.

Wednesday Emblem

And it also smells of otherworldly frost from the sign because it is painted in the colors of the cold spectrum. Gray here does not resemble silver – it is rather ashy. There is also an earthy hue centered at the bottom of the glyphs. The name itself is three-dimensional. This effect is achieved thanks to correctly distributed shadows: they form even edges of the letters.

The Wednesday logo design is based on the style of The Addams Family movie logo. It has the same sharpness protruding on the sides, needle lines, and spike-like serifs. However, they are not identical. Superficially crude characters complement the series without long curls. But the style is gothic everywhere.

Font and Colors

Wednesday Symbol

The Old English design of the letters is deceptive: they are more like horns and hooves showing through on a flat surface rather than elegant decorations. The inscription is presumably typed in the Lost typeface. But it only partly resembles the original because the text is not printed but individual, made-to-order for the series.

The logo palette is discreet. The emotion of alienation from the surrounding world is expressed through a cold gray color. From him breathes frosty causticity and repulsive otherworldliness.

Wednesday color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C