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The visually clean and light Wegmans logo serves as a non-verbal invitation to pop into the supermarket to buy groceries. The designers created a neutral emblem so it can be used on signs to draw attention. It has an underlying dynamic, which in this case, is the embodiment of positive energy.

Wegmans: Brand overview

Founder:John Wegman, Walter Wegman
Gates, New York, U.S.

The Wegmans logo appeared at the same time as the launch of the chain of stores so that it would have a suitable sign above the entrance of each outlet. The full name of this company is Wegmans Food Markets. It was founded in Rochester, New York, and has grown to 107 outlets (2022 figures). It is headquartered in Gates. Its founders are the Wegman brothers (John and Walter). The time of its origin is 1916.

The first time it opened, this retail chain was called the Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company. It dealt only with fruit and vegetable sales. Wegmans began actively expanding and expanding outside of its hometown in 1965. Since 1979, the family store began branding its products and offering them low prices to attract customers’ attention to its brand. Gradually he had a series for healthy eating, organic products, and a line without artificial additives. All of them were marked with individual marks.

Meaning and History

Wegmans Logo History

The format of today’s Wegmans outlets has changed significantly. Now they are megamarkets, which offer a wide variety of products – not only fresh but also groceries. Many stores have pharmacies, dining areas, and cafes. In parallel, the identity was changed, but it remained minimalistic so that the signage was not visually overwhelming.

What is Wegmans?

Wegmans is a privately owned chain of grocery hypermarkets from the United States that has existed since 1916. It was founded in Rochester. Now its headquarters is located in Gates, New York. The total number of stores reaches 107. The brand founders are brothers John and Walter Wegman.

1971 – 2008

Wegmans Logo 1971

From the beginning, the family company’s logo was textual: it had nothing but the name of the stores. The lettering was predominantly typed in lowercase letters, except for the first one. The glyphs had a sharp overhang on the upper left, and only the “s” had it on the right. Otherwise, the lettering was classic – smooth, bold, and printed. There was no special background.

2008 – today

Wegmans Logo

As a result of the redesign, the Wegmans logo got a new style, but it remained textual. It is now italicized, semi-coherent and calligraphic. The letters have smooth roundings. Only the initial “W,” the “g,” and the “s” retain their sharp protrusions. There is no background, as before: a plain white space is used instead. This is because there is no large informational signage at the megamarkets – only letters above the entrance. The color of the bottom, respectively, depends on the material of which the wall is made.

The visual identity of this brand is characterized by simplicity. The name of the network of hypermarkets is used as a sign. There are no other elements. This concept was chosen when opening the stores and has never been changed. Only the style of the inscription was changed.

Font and Colors

Wegmans Emblem

The first logo used a custom-designed grotesque that resembles Peppermint Regular. In the second one, the designers settled on the italic font, which is calligraphic and smooth. The color palette of the printed logo is monochrome: black letters on a white background. However, in reality, they may be different, depending on the wall design on which the inscription is located.

Wegmans Symbol

Wegmans color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C