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Welcome Air: Brand overview

Welcome Air was founded in May 2000 as a regional airline based in Innsbruck, Austria. At the beginning of its operations, the airline had a fleet of turboprop aircraft and operated scheduled flights from Innsbruck to various destinations in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

Two years later, in 2002, Welcome Air opened an additional base at Graz Airport, expanding its presence in the Alps by adding new destinations. By 2011, the airline had 8 ATR and Dash 8 turboprop aircraft in its fleet, serving more than 20 destinations, mostly in Austria.

Despite the expansion, the airline’s fortunes deteriorated in 2016 due to increased competition from low-cost carriers. The airline’s financial condition deteriorated: it had not made an annual profit since 2008. As a result, Welcome Air began to reduce its route network.

In December 2017, after a prolonged financial struggle, Welcome Air declared bankruptcy and ceased all operations, ending 17 years of operations. At its peak, Welcome Air served more than 400,000 passengers per year on regional routes across the Alps. However, stiff competition eventually led to its collapse.

The airline’s story resembles that of several other small regional carriers serving Austria and Germany that went bankrupt in the early 2010s, unable to withstand the onslaught of low-cost airlines.

Meaning and History

Welcome Air Logo History

2000 – 2017

Welcome Air Logo

The Welcome Air logo incorporates the company’s name, giving the impression of an invitation to use its aviation services. The words are placed on top of each other and aligned to the right, allowing the dot over the “i” to serve as punctuation after the word “Welcome.” The text is slanted diagonally, giving the impression of going upward like an airplane. The first word is highlighted in magenta, the second in orange. A long, wavy orange stripe precedes the word “air.” All letters are lowercase and italicized, but the top line uses a typeset font, and the bottom line uses a script font.

The purple color of the word “Welcome” is associated with luxury and sophistication, while the orange is used for the word “Air,” and the wavy line gives a sense of energy and enthusiasm. The combination of typeset and script fonts gives the design an extra creative flair. The wavy orange stripe symbolizes airflow or dynamic movement, adding another layer of aviation-related imagery to the overall composition.