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Welcome Air logo acts as an invitation to avail oneself of aviation services. The words are stacked one above the other and aligned to the right, allowing the dot above the ‘i’ in ‘welcome’ to serve as punctuation. The text appears to soar upward due to its diagonal tilt, mimicking the ascent of an airplane. The first word is purple, while the second is orange, accompanied by a long wavy orange line preceding ‘air.’ All the letters are lowercase and italicized; the top line employs a printed font, while the bottom uses a handwritten style.

The logo is a powerful blend of design elements that collectively narrate a story of motion, welcome, and approachability. Stacking the words vertically and aligning them to the right subtly guides the viewer’s eyes upward, reinforcing the notion of flight and ascent. The dot over the ‘i’ adds a clever touch; it punctuates the ‘welcome’ and marks the transition to ‘air,’ as if to say, ‘Welcome, now let’s take to the skies.’

Two distinct fonts are used in the design. The printed font for ‘welcome’ adds a sense of professionalism, while the handwritten style for ‘air’ provides a personal, informal touch. This juxtaposition balances formality with accessibility, a vital combination in the aviation industry where safety and customer service are paramount.

The color scheme is another intriguing element of the design. Purple often symbolizes luxury and sophistication, while orange represents enthusiasm and excitement. These two colors hint at what one should expect from aviation services: excellence and a sense of adventure. The long, wavy orange line preceding ‘air’ further emphasizes this sense of dynamic motion and excitement.

Welcome Air is aptly mentioned within the logo as an invitation to experience the brand’s services. The tilt of the text suggests the company is always on the move, ready to take its customers to new heights.

The utilization of lowercase letters makes the brand seem approachable and less imposing. It’s as if the company is saying, ‘We’re here to provide a service, but we’re also here to connect on a human level.’

Welcome Air: Brand overview

Founded: May 2000 – 26 December 2017
Innsbruck, Austria
Welcome Air was established in May 2000 as a regional airline based in Innsbruck, Austria. The airline embarked on its operational journey with a fleet of turboprop aircraft, providing scheduled flights from Innsbruck to a variety of destinations in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

Two years later, in 2002, Welcome Air set up an additional base at Graz Airport, extending its reach across the Alps by adding more destinations. By 2011, the airline operated a fleet of 8 ATR and Dash 8 turboprop aircraft, serving over 20 destinations, primarily centered around Austria.

Despite the expansion, the airline’s fortunes declined in 2016 due to increasing competition from low-cost carriers. The airline’s financial health had deteriorated, with no annual profits reported since 2008. Consequently, Welcome Air started to scale down its route network.

In December 2017, after a prolonged financial struggle, Welcome Air declared bankruptcy and ceased all operations, ending 17 years of service. Welcome Air catered to over 400,000 passengers annually on its regional routes across the Alps at the height of its operation. However, the intense competition eventually led to its downfall.

The airline’s story is reminiscent of several other small regional carriers serving Austria and Germany that went bankrupt in the early 2010s, unable to stand against the rise of low-cost airlines.

Meaning and History

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