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West Wind Aviation: Brand overview

Founded in 1983 as TransWest Air, West Wind Aviation originated in Saskatchewan and began its aviation journey with small piston and turboprop airplanes. During the 1980s and 1990s, the airline greatly expanded its presence in Saskatchewan and other regions of western Canada, operating both scheduled regional and charter flights.

In 2007, as a result of a rebranding effort, TransWest Air became West Wind Aviation. Over the next decade, the airline continued its mission to expand regional service in western and northern Canada. The company operated charter flights on floatplanes and turboprops to serve remote communities and used larger aircraft for regional routes.

However, in 2017, West Wind Aviation suffered a major blow when it was involved in a fatal accident near Saskatoon. This unfortunate incident took a toll on the company’s reputation and financial position. The company faced mounting losses and, in March 2021, decided to cease operations after 38 years of operating in western Canada as a regional air carrier.

At its peak, West Wind Aviation had a diverse fleet of more than 20 aircraft, including ATRs, Dash 8s, and Cessna Caravans, used for scheduled and charter flights. The termination of West Wind Aviation symbolized the end of one of Canada’s longest-standing independent regional airlines, with nearly four decades of history in the aviation business.

Meaning and History

West Wind Aviation Logo History

1983 – 2021

West Wind Aviation Logo

Using gray geometric shapes, the designers depicted a stylized letter “W”: two vertical parallelograms and one rectangular triangle pointing downward. Below this abstract symbol is the dark blue phrase “West Wind” with a red dot above the “i.” The space between the words is so narrow that it appears as if they are written together. The second line is occupied by the gray word “AVIATION,” typed in capital letters with a very large space between them. Some glyphs have rounded corners, which visually softens the emblem.

Gray geometric shapes that form the letter “W” suggest stability and balance. The dark blue color of the letter “West Wind” means reliability and trust, and the red dot adds energy. The use of contrasting fonts and spacing in the word “AVIATION” gives the impression of modernity and expansiveness. The rounded corners of some letters also give the logo a softer and more approachable character.