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Wide Open West (WOW) Logo

Wide Open West (WOW) Logo
Wide Open West (WOW) Logo PNG

Wide Open West (WOW) is an American telecommunications company, one of the ten largest in the United States. It provides cable TV, broadband Internet, digital and landline telephone services. The year of its foundation is 1996, and the place of its appearance is the city of Denver, Colorado, where the provider’s headquarters are now concentrated.

Meaning and History

Wide Open West (WOW) Logo History
Evolution of the Wide Open West (WOW) Logo

The career of the sixth-largest TV and communications service provider did not start as much as he wanted. But five years later, there were about two hundred employees on its staff. The company then became active and in 2001 made its first acquisition by absorbing a competing service. Over the next few years, she bought specialized centers almost every year, expanding her services and increasing the number of employees.

In the early years, its emblem was not distinguished by originality, while the name, on the contrary, was bright and attractive. Subsequently, an interesting acronym served as the basis for wonderful logos that are hard to miss. In total, there are four personal visual identity marks in the history of this organization.

1999 – 2003

Wide Open West Logo 1999-2003

After the appearance of an optimally established network, its emblem immediately appeared to distinguish the cable operator from many others’ backgrounds. The opening version consisted of two parts – graphic and text. The first was represented by an icon in the form of a tilted TV screen. The yellow frame on a white background contained wide and thin stripes that formed a horizontal rhombus. On the right were two phrases that occupied two rows. On the top line, the expanded name “WideOpenWest” was written in one piece; each word is capitalized. Below, the small print was marked “Bringing Broadband Home.”

2003 – 2010

Wide Open West Logo 2003-2010

This is a turning point in a telecommunications provider’s work because it was in 2003 that he switched to Internet services and received the legendary logo. The branding symbol consisted of a surprised exclamation made up of the first letters of the old name. The abbreviation “WOW” with an exclamation mark was very large and took up almost all the space. At the bottom, “Internet and Cable” has been further refined. The phrase was made in black block letters and highlighted with two stripes.

2010 – 2017

Wide Open West Logo 2010-2017

With the acquisition of new services, the company increased its technical capabilities, expanded the range of services, and covered new areas. She also redesigned it, adding to the well-known “WOW!” three icons: a computer mouse, a TV screen, and a telephone receiver. They symbolized the Internet, television, and telephony. The images were in color and black circles. The second row contained the phrase “It’s that king of experience,” and the third – the domain web address of the provider’s site.

2017 – present

Wide Open West Logo 2017-present

The modern version of the emblem is the most colorful and memorable. It consists of three large letters, executed in a thin grotesque font. Moreover, the abbreviation has an original color, divided into two parts: the left side is burgundy-scarlet, the right side is sky-cobalt. In both cases, the colors blend smoothly into each other, as they are designed in a gradient form. The central letter is two-colored. The exclamation point at the end of the name is slanted.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Wide Open West (WOW) Emblem

The evolution of the personal sign of a telecommunications company moved from maximum to minimum. As a result, the short designation “WOW” remained from the expanded inscription “WideOpenWest.” This happened after expanding the territorial coverage when the existing name ceased to correspond to the services provided. The current logo is the most colorful and attractive of the four options.

Most of the designers used a personally designed typeface, for which a sans serif typeface from the Sans Serif category was chosen. In the early years, Craft Gothic Heavy Condensed Italic was predominant, and then the era of individual symbols came. Now the inscription is smooth, grotesque, executed in lines resembling even ribbons.

Wide Open West Symbol

The palette of the logo is varied. But if earlier it was inclined to monochrome (black or yellow with white), now it is almost rainbow gamut prevails – all shades of red and blue.