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The Wilson logo embodies simplicity, conciseness, and harmony. The emblem shows that the company helps its customers achieve personal development and health and conquer peaks thanks to high-quality sports goods.

Wilson: Brand overview

Founder:Thomas E. Wilson
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Wilson is a Chicago-based sports goods manufacturer with a net profit of $80 million. The brand’s inventory, balls, clothing, and footwear are sold worldwide, with production facilities in China, Mexico, and the United States. It belongs to ANTA Sports Products Limited through Amer Sports.

Meaning and History

Wilson Logo History

Having chosen a suitable logo, the company has remained loyal to it for the last 100 years. The visual identity emphasizes the historical past of the company, around which the identity is built. The combination of font and shades encodes precision, accuracy, and movement. Only an experienced manufacturer can create sports equipment that guarantees flawless execution of every athlete’s intended movement. Therefore, Wilson’s Emblem is a story about professional, top-quality sports products.

What is Wilson?

An American company that produces equipment for volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, football, and squash. Particularly famous for its tennis racquets and basketballs. The company has a turnover of 2.5 billion dollars.

1914 – 1927

Wilson Sporting Goods Logo 1914

The emblem consisted of a large letter W with a black plaque above it, displaying the inscription Thos E. Wilson & Co. The logo appeared no earlier than 1915, when Thomas E. Wilson, who came from another firm, was appointed as director. According to other sources, the entrepreneur named the company after himself in 1916, which is when the emblem appeared.

Before Wilson’s appointment, the subsidiary slaughterhouse had been producing strings for racquets and musical instruments from meat processing waste for a year. However, it was Wilson who expanded the enterprise to produce sports uniforms, balls, and golf balls. Although he remained director for only three years, it was his name that was immortalized in the brand.

1927 – today

Wilson Sporting Goods Logo

In 1925, the company was renamed Wilson-Western Sporting Goods after acquiring Western Sporting Goods. However, the abbreviated name was used everywhere and became established in the logo as the main brand name – Wilson.

The red inscription in the uppercase font has been the company’s logo for the last 100 years. Each element of the word resembles various sports accessories produced by Wilson. The notched glyphs of the W are similar to golf clubs, the letter O resembles balls, and the letter S resembles boxing gloves.

Font and Colors

Red became the leading color in the emblem. The shade speaks of movement – all the company’s products are for active people. The palette also indicates leadership and victory. Wilson is ranked first globally in producing certain products, such as the Tennessee factory being the third-largest in the world for golf ball production.

The color palette indicates that the company’s products are recognized and demanded among winners. For example, Solution balls are official for games in global basketball leagues (NBA, WNBA, NCAA), and tennis balls are used in the US Open.

Red also pays tribute to the company as an innovator. Many significant innovations and developments in the field of sports uniforms and sports goods have been introduced by Wilson.

The font of the inscription is unique. The consecutive connection of letters speaks of:

  • A complete range of products for each direction, including clothing, sports equipment, and accessories.
  • Good grip of the products in the hands of athletes.
  • The use of materials capable of stretching, springing, and taking an optimal shape.
  • The interconnection between all areas of the company’s work.

The boldness of the font is a tribute to the company’s large share in the global market.

Wilson color codes

RedHex color:#ed1a3a
RGB:237 26 58
CMYK:0 89 76 7
Pantone:PMS 185 C