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The Wizard 101 logo is magical and mystical. The image of the emblem is associated with astronomers and alchemy. Mysterious symbols, coming together, form a universe where laws rule. Precise adherence to instructions allows students to protect the world from evil.

Wizard101: Brand overview

Founder:KingsIsle Entertainment
United States
Wizard 101 is a fantasy game consisting of battles of wizards of various schools. The story develops in a universe divided into worlds and areas, access to which is opened with the help of internal currency or purchase for money and created by American developers from Texas KingsIsle Entertainment in 2008 on the Gamebryo engine. Since the release, 13 additions have been released with new worlds.

Meaning and History

Wizard101 Logo History

The game’s emblem is built on the combination of various magical symbols, which correspond to the elements of the fictitious universe. Mystical lines and figures visualize objects and spells. At the same time, the signs combine with the inscription to convey different variations of magic used in the game. The logo was invented for the release of the fantasy and has not changed since its inception. The emblem is often used against a starry sky and spiral galaxy background, symbolizing the game world, the Spiral.

What is Wizard 101?

It’s a magical fantasy game where a group of wizards must protect their universe from trouble. Magic school students are divided into groups depending on their abilities. By choosing their “clan,” a participant battles against enemies in rounds of spells.

2008 – today

Wizard101 Logo

The game’s symbol consists of the Wizard 101 inscription. The letters of the name are slightly angular as if made from faceted precious stones. In the world of wizards, magic is often hidden in noble metals and minerals. Therefore, this technique reflects the strength of the participants.

Three spheres containing symbols of the month, pentagrams, and spirals are located at three ends of the W letter. The image represents the game world. The action unfolds in a magical galaxy called the Spiral. Its world consists of separate islands suspended inside spheres. The glyphs of W symbolize the virtual coils of the spiral.

The three elements form a triangle, like on a battlefield.

Behind the W letter, the signs of magical clans overlaid each other. The School of Moon, with the month’s image, is responsible for transformation. The School of Myths, in the form of an eye in a triangle, grants the ability to summon minions, etc. Such overlay of symbols occurs during battle rounds. In this, each player is inside their circle, which symbolizes the three spheres.

The spiral is visible at the very center of the overlay. The game’s levels are separate coils of the spiral (there are four in total). Several worlds are located on each coil. A participant gains access to them as they level up.

Small circular loops, similar to spokes, stuck into spheres, remind of pips – special points that allow playing spells. After each round, these points appear near the player. The loops also indicate the coil of the spiral to which the world belongs.

Below the word, Wizard is the number 101, surrounded by stars. The number gives an idea of the number of students in different magic schools and indicates the code name of the Universe. Stars are constantly present on the game platform, in dialogues and setting windows. The symbol speaks of the star galaxy, travels, and magic.

Font and Colors

The game’s logo accommodates a wide range of colors close to the theme of celebration, magic, and childhood.

  • Glimpses of the starry sky transport viewers into a secret magical universe.
  • Gold speaks of power, treasures, and the game’s internal currency.
  • Red points to bright hot duels. It conveys the theme of health, which is kept in a special flask on the battlefield.
  • Blue is the color of ice, opposing fire. It corresponds to the color of mana, which is necessary for conducting duels.
  • Yellow is the shade of sunbeams, stars, and the moon, energy sources.
  • Orange is the color of interaction, friendship, and unity within schools.

The inscription is unique due to the transformation of the first letter and faceted elements. Each glyph is like a treasure, reminiscent of the trajectory of magic wand strokes.

Wizard101 color codes

GoldHex color:#ffd701
RGB:255 215 1
CMYK:0 16 100 0
Pantone:PMS 109 C
Selective YellowHex color:#ffb718
RGB:255 188 24
CMYK:0 28 91 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C
Sand DuneHex color:#a97300
RGB:169 115 0
CMYK:0 32 100 34
Pantone:PMS 145 C
Safety OrangeHex color:#ff7600
RGB:255 118 0
CMYK:0 54 100 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Orange C
RustHex color:#ab3500
RGB:171 53 0
CMYK:0 69 100 33
Pantone:PMS 1665 C
Eerie BlackHex color:#191914
RGB:25 25 20
CMYK:0 0 20 90
Pantone:PMS 419 C