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The Wonderbly logo is a striking representation of the company’s core philosophy and a symbol of its dedication to its clientele. It tells a story of respect, innovation, quality, and individuality, translating these core values into a visually appealing and meaningful design. The transformation of a simple printed sheet into a majestic crown captures the essence of the brand’s dedication to its customers, reaffirming that they are indeed the kings and queens for whom the brand endeavors.

Crown Symbolism: The logo is a crown, a universal emblem of power, authority, and prestige. By likening its customers to royalty, the publishing house acknowledges its importance on individual needs and desires, treating every customer with the respect and attention that royalty commands.

Bent Print Sheet Resemblance: The crown’s design, resembling a bent printed sheet, cleverly connects to the brand’s identity as a publisher. This visual metaphor not only symbolizes the printed materials that the company produces but also underlines creativity and innovation in its approach.

Composition of the Crown: Comprising one whole triangle in the middle and two half-triangles on the sides, the crown’s high crests are rounded at the ends. This geometric configuration adds to the visual appeal of the emblem and lends it a contemporary and elegant appearance.

Positioning of the Company Name: The company’s name is written in uppercase letters at the bottom, on the wide part of the emblem. This choice of typography exudes confidence and emphasizes the brand’s authority and prominence in the industry. The use of uppercase letters also suggests a formal and professional approach.

Harmony and Balance: The logo’s symmetry and balance provide a pleasing aesthetic and reinforce the values of harmony and stability often associated with royalty. The consistency in design reflects a well-ordered and systematic approach, characteristics that would be significant for a reputable publishing entity.

Personalized Approach: By translating the bent printed sheet into a crown, the brand communicates its commitment to personalization and customization. It sends a message that every customer’s preferences are highly valued and individual requirements are carefully attended to. This promotes a sense of trust and loyalty among its audience.

Emphasis on Quality: Associating the brand with a crown emphasizes a commitment to quality and excellence. It reflects the high standards that the company adheres to in its products and services, further solidifying its position as a leading player in the publishing field.

Visual Identity and Differentiation: The logo’s distinct and memorable design helps to create a strong visual identity for the brand. Its innovative use of shapes and symbols sets it apart from competitors and fosters instant recognition in the marketplace.

Compatibility with Various Platforms: The simplicity and clarity of the logo’s design ensure that it can be used across various platforms and mediums without losing its essence or impact. Whether on book covers, websites, or promotional materials, the logo remains effective and retains its meaning.

Wonderbly: Brand overview

Founder:Asi Sharabi, Tal Oron, David Cadji-Newby, Pedro Serapicos
London, England

In 2012, the landscape of personalized books was significantly reshaped by the emergence of a company called Lost My Name, which was later renamed Wonderbly. Founded by Asi Sharabi, Tal Oron, David Cadji-Newby, and Pedro Serapicos, this London-based startup redefined children’s literature by incorporating their names into the story, making them the protagonists.

A few years into its operation, in 2015, the company launched its second personalized children’s book, “The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name.” This was not just another title; it sparked enthusiasm and gained remarkable popularity in the UK, which paved the way for their expansion to the US in 2016.

By the following year, Wonderbly’s success had skyrocketed. Their compelling stories that transformed every child into a hero captivated readers worldwide, selling over 4 million books. During this period, the company decided to step away from its original name, Lost My Name, and rebrand as Wonderbly.

2019 marked another milestone for Wonderbly as they diversified their offerings, venturing into adult literature. This was reflected in their unique title, “You’re The Hero In This Story,” which allowed adults to experience the same personal touch that enchanted millions of young readers.

In 2022, Wonderbly shifted its headquarters to Bloomsbury, a decision that coincided with another remarkable achievement – selling 8 million copies of their books across 169 countries. The company’s commitment to infusing technology with storytelling skills has enabled them to create personalized books in 11 languages. This innovation allows Wonderbly to continue its mission of delivering uniquely crafted stories to readers of all ages across the globe.

Meaning and History

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What is Wonderbly?

Wonderbly is a British publishing company specializing in writing and publishing personalized books for children and adults. It was launched in 2012 under the name Lost My Name. The founders are four specialists: illustrator and graphic designer Pedro Serapicos, television screenwriter and writer David Cadji-Newby, artistic designer and technologist Tal Oron, and advertising director Asi Sharabi. The company’s headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom.

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