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WordPress Logo

WordPress Logo
WordPress Logo PNG

The WordPress system allows you to easily manage the content of web pages with only basic technical knowledge. It is a versatile tool with a wide range of functions that gives users complete freedom of action. As a result, everyone can customize their blog or add the necessary plugins to the site, and all this is completely free.

Meaning and History

WordPress Logo History
Evolution of the WordPress Logo

The platform has a unique logo that sets it apart from the competition. It is copyrighted like the brand itself, despite being open source WordPress. This means that the company sets forth rules for the use of its trademarks and does not allow them to be arbitrarily changed. At the moment, her emblem consists of a text label and a large “W” in a circle.

2003 – 2008

WordPress Logo 2003-2008

The system was launched on May 27, 2003. On that day, users were able to evaluate not only its functionality but also the original logo. On the left was a stylized “W” in a black circle with a white halo and dark border. The space on the left was occupied by the word “WordPress” underlined with a horizontal line. Moreover, the first part of the name was blue, and the second was black.

2008 – present

WordPress Logo 2008-present

The designers kept the color separation of the text but removed the underline to make the logo look cleaner and more concise. The new version has a changed palette: the blue has become much lighter, and the black has gray. The fonts, shapes, proportions, and position of the letters remain the same as before. This shows the WordPress platform’s consistency, its desire for stability, and the preservation of the individual style.

Font and Color of the Emblem

WordPress Emblem

The company has strict requirements for what its symbol should look like because many site owners are using the wrong version of the “W.” Ideally, this letter is extended upward, and its right line ends with a large teardrop-shaped protrusion. The erroneous version contains a shortened and reduced “W” – not the same as in the original.

The double black and white ring make the image three-dimensional. The protruding edges of the letter merge with the light part of the frame. The circle looks like a seal only in its general outline; it is an individual mark by which you can easily recognize the WordPress system. It has not changed since its inception, except for a small experiment with a palette.

When creating a round emblem with a white “W,” the designers came up with a custom typeface based on Mrs. Eaves Small Caps’s modification. They stretched the symbol, reshaped the top of the right stroke, and gave it a teardrop shape.

The original Mrs. Eaves Small Caps is used for the word “WordPress.” This typeface has a long history: it was based on another typeface developed in 1757 by the typographer John Baskerville. Its purpose is to show an expressive contrast between wide and thin lines.

The palette also contrasts: the first half of the name is colored in CG Blue (# 00749C), and the second in Rifle Green (# 444140). These shades are not very bright but stand out well against a white background.