World Games in Chengdu Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

World Games in Chengdu Logo New

The Chengdu 2025 Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has unveiled the new logo for the 12th edition of The World Games. This announcement is a major step in preparing for the multi-sport event in Chengdu, China, from August 7-17, 2025. The new logo emerged from an international contest that invited designers worldwide to submit ideas for the logo, mascot, and slogan. The contest, from December 2023 to February 2024, received 9,235 submissions.

The winning logo was revealed on May 17, 2024. The mascot and slogan will be announced at the ‘One Year to Go’ event in August 2024. The logo features iconic Chinese symbols, including the giant panda, hibiscus flower, and Chinese knot, reflecting both Chengdu’s cultural heritage and the spirit of the World Games.

The top part of the logo features the facial characteristics of the giant panda, a species native to Sichuan Province, where Chengdu is located. The panda symbolizes friendliness and peace, aligning with The World Games’ values.

World Games in Chengdu Logo Evolution

The Chinese knot is at the logo’s center, a traditional symbol of unity, prosperity, and luck. This element underscores the theme of unity and highlights the interconnectedness of participants and audiences. The Chinese knot’s intricate design represents harmony and mutual respect among the diverse cultures coming together during The World Games.

The logo integrates the hibiscus, Chengdu’s city flower, with the panda and the Chinese knot. This fusion brings a sense of local pride and cultural depth to the international event. The hibiscus flower adds elegance and beauty, symbolizing the city’s vibrant and welcoming nature.

Color plays a crucial role in the new logo, which vertically uses a balanced scheme of cool and warm colors. This arrangement creates depth and coordination. The logo features five primary colors: red, yellow, green, black, and white. Each color represents different aspects of The World Games and Chengdu’s cultural richness.

World Games in Chengdu Symbol

John Fairley, a British designer and Royal Society of Arts member, designed the logo. With over twenty years of experience leading branding projects for international agencies, Fairley’s design reflects humanity’s interconnected fate and respects cultural diversity, aligning with The World Games’ spirit.

The new logo’s unveiling comes with just under 450 days remaining until The World Games 2025. The event will feature 35 sports, 61 disciplines, and 254 medal events, bringing together about 5,000 participants from over 100 countries. The logo encapsulates the excitement and anticipation for the games, embodying unity and competitive spirit.

The international contest received 1,924 mascot creations and 3,749 slogan submissions. This widespread participation highlights global interest and creativity in contributing to The World Games 2025’s visual identity. The selected mascot and slogan will enhance the event’s branding, fostering community among athletes, fans, and participants worldwide.

World Games in Chengdu Logo Old

The new logo will be integrated across various platforms, including promotional materials, merchandise, and digital channels. This consistent visual identity will build excitement and recognition for The World Games 2025, ensuring a cohesive and memorable experience.

As preparations continue, the Chengdu 2025 LOC is committed to delivering a world-class event celebrating athletic excellence and cultural diversity. The new logo symbolizes Chengdu’s rich heritage and the unifying power of sports, setting the stage for an unforgettable edition of The World Games.