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The World of Tanks logo features an intriguing detail—a monogram composed of the letters “W” and “T” enclosed within a large heptagon. While the letter “T” is clearly visible, the “W” is subtly implied through separate strips located on either side. The full game title is written at the bottom in black letters, which exhibit an uneven gradient and shiny silver contours. Through various color combinations, the designers have achieved an aged effect, giving the emblem the appearance of worn, partially rusted metal.

The World of Tanks emblem carries symbolic meaning that reflects the essence of the game. The monogram formed by the letters “W” and “T” represents the core focus of the gameplay, which revolves around tank warfare. The heptagon shape, with its seven sides, signifies strength, stability, and the structured nature of strategic combat. The prominence of the letter “T” in the monogram emphasizes the central role tanks play in the game, while the implied “W” subtly hints at the vast and expansive world in which the battles take place.

The design choices in the World of Tanks logo, such as the uneven gradient, shiny contours, and the appearance of weathered metal, contribute to the overall aesthetic and evoke a sense of history and authenticity. The worn and rusted look signifies the passage of time and the impact of battles fought by tanks throughout history. It conveys a sense of realism and immerses players in the world of armored warfare. The logo effectively captures the essence of the game, showcasing the combination of strategic gameplay, historical context, and the thrill of commanding powerful tanks on the virtual battlefield.

World of Tanks: Brand overview

Founded:12 August 2010
Minsk, Belarus

Delve into the adrenaline-filled world of armored warfare with World of Tanks (WoT), a massively multiplayer online game that has garnered a devout following worldwide. Established by Victor Kislyi in 1998, Wargaming, the Belarusian company behind WoT, has nurtured the game from its early roots into an international gaming sensation.

In 2010, Wargaming ventured into uncharted territory, launching World of Tanks, a pioneering tank-centric strategy game, initially only in Russia. While its early reception was relatively modest, the Wargaming team perceived the untapped potential of the game and set to work on refining it. These improvements set the stage for World of Tanks to catapult into global popularity.

A year later, in 2011, World of Tanks made its debut in Europe and North America, quickly ascending to gaming stardom. By 2012, it was clear that the game had skyrocketed to success, boasting a staggering 45 million registered players and a record-breaking peak of 1.1 million concurrent players. The game had indeed become a global phenomenon.

Wargaming persisted in expanding the game’s horizon with routine updates, featuring enhanced visuals, sound, and gameplay elements, and incorporating a variety of new tanks. To widen its reach, World of Tanks was subsequently launched on platforms such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4.

Today, World of Tanks is a worldwide craze with an awe-inspiring 180 million registered players hailing from over 150 countries. It has also given birth to a unique culture, spawning professional tank-driving contests and attracting players to stream their gameplay on platforms like Twitch.

Wargaming continues to enrich the World of Tanks experience with new additions, like the introduction of Italian and Polish tanks, as well as fresh game modes like Frontline and Steel Hunter. In 2019, the company unveiled plans for World of Tanks 2, an even more immersive and realistic sequel, leveraging a next-generation game engine.

Meaning and History

World of Tanks Logo History

The brand identity of World of Tanks is deeply intertwined with its commitment to authenticity. The game’s meticulous attention to detail in terms of vehicle designs, each meticulously modeled after real-world counterparts, adds a layer of immersion that few competitors can match. This dedication to historical accuracy, combined with balanced and competitive gameplay, has helped to build a distinctive brand image.

Furthering its unique appeal, the game’s dynamic mechanics and strategic depth are significant parts of its identity. The platform is far from a simple shooter; it’s a game of strategy, requiring careful planning and team coordination to succeed. This complexity, married with its historical accuracy, has helped the platform carve out a unique niche in the gaming market.

As a result, this brand has managed to transcend the status of ‘just another game’ and is now a cultural phenomenon within the gaming community. With a mix of realism, strategy, and gripping gameplay, it has become a benchmark for multiplayer online games, embodying an identity that is uniquely its own.

What is World of Tanks?

World of Tanks, often abbreviated as WoT, is an esteemed name in the gaming industry. Created by Wargaming, this multiplayer online game takes players back to the era of armored warfare in the 20th century, from the 1910s through to the 1970s.

Born out of a desire to offer a unique player experience, this platform’s journey began in 2010. Since its inception, it has seen substantial growth and success, captivating audiences worldwide. Its immersive gameplay and detailed historical accuracy have positioned it as a standout in the field of military-themed online games.

World of Tanks color codes

Smoky BlackHex color:#0a0a05
RGB:10 10 5
CMYK:0 0 50 96
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C
ShadowHex color:#7b6e56
RGB:123 110 86
CMYK:0 11 30 52
Pantone:PMS 7497 C
BeigeHex color:#dfe3cf
RGB:223 227 207
CMYK:2 0 9 11
Pantone:PMS 621 C