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The World of Warships logo features a prominent and imposing metal anchor, symbolizing the game as an exceptional naval battle simulator. It is depicted within a dark green heptagonal shield, which resembles a stylized sail. The shield rests atop the word “WORLD,” while the preposition “OF” is positioned on the next level, and beneath it lies the massive inscription “WARSHIPS.” Long strips separate these text elements, with the bottom strip resembling the sharp bow of a ship. The silver gradient, with its light and dark patches, effectively mimics the color and texture of the metal.

The design of the World of Warships emblem conveys the essence of the game as a thrilling and immersive experience centered around naval warfare. The anchor, as a prominent element, symbolizes strength, stability, and maritime power. It represents the crucial role that warships play in the game’s gameplay and captures the excitement of commanding mighty vessels in epic battles on the high seas.

The heptagonal shield, resembling a stylized sail, evokes a sense of adventure and exploration. It alludes to the vast and expansive world of naval warfare that players can engage in within the game. The inclusion of the word “WORLD” further reinforces this idea, emphasizing the scope and scale of the game’s immersive naval battles. The overall design, with its attention to detail and the use of metallic elements, creates a visually striking emblem that effectively captures the spirit of World of Warships and its intense naval combat experience.

World of Warships: Brand overview

Founded:September 17, 2015

Since its grand unveiling on September 17, 2015, World of Warships has navigated the seas of the gaming world, commanding the attention of millions of global players. Building upon the triumph of World of Tanks, Wargaming embarked on a new voyage to create a sea warfare game that would storm the gaming world. World of Warships, with its novel idea of letting players helm iconic vessels of history, has made quite a splash in the gaming community.

In 2011, Wargaming commenced a voyage to develop a game that would astound players with its meticulous historical accuracy. To ensure that World of Warships sailed true to this vision, the developers plunged into a comprehensive research process. This helped to faithfully replicate the details of the ships, armaments, and equipment in the game.

Upon its launch in September 2015, World of Warships made waves in the gaming community, dazzling both players and critics alike. The game was praised for its beautiful graphics, immersive gameplay, and intricate attention to detail, sailing straight into a sea of success.

World of Warships’ popularity has skyrocketed over time, with an impressive crew of 28 million players enlisting in 2018 alone. This naval warfare game has continued to enthrall players across the globe and shows no signs of dropping anchor.

Wargaming has kept the game’s momentum by routinely introducing updates and fresh content. With the addition of new warships, intriguing maps, and exciting game modes, the company ensures every voyage in World of Warships is filled with exciting encounters.

In 2019, the game underwent a significant transformation with the inclusion of submarines. This new dimension of gameplay reshaped the battlefield experience, granting players a whole new approach to naval combat.

Meaning and History

World of Warships Logo History

A significant part of the brand identity of World of Warships is its commitment to historical accuracy and attention to detail. Each ship is meticulously designed to reflect real-world counterparts, offering an immersive experience to players. This pursuit of realism isn’t just skin-deep; it extends to the game mechanics and strategies, which simulate the complexities of naval combat.

The game’s intricate mechanics and tactical depth also define its brand identity. This isn’t just a game about firepower; it’s a test of tactics, strategy, and team coordination. These elements blend seamlessly to offer a unique, complex gaming experience that sets it apart from other games in the market.

The brand’s identity, thus, extends beyond the game itself and manifests as a community of passionate players who share a love for naval warfare, historical accuracy, and tactical gameplay. The combination of engaging gameplay, attention to detail, and a supportive player community has helped World of Warships build a unique identity that resonates strongly within the gaming industry.

What is World of Warships?

World of Warships is a notable brand in the realm of online gaming, particularly known for its naval warfare theme. Developed, produced, and published by Wargaming, it offers players a chance to command their own fleet in thrilling sea-based battles.

The game’s launch took the gaming community by storm, and it has since grown in popularity, becoming a staple for players interested in war-themed strategy games. Its continuous evolution and content updates keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, thus maintaining a strong player base around the globe.

World of Warships color codes

Warm BlackHex color:#003f3c
RGB:0 63 60
CMYK:100 0 5 75
Pantone:PMS 3302 C
GunmetalHex color:#252a2f
RGB:37 42 47
CMYK:21 11 0 82
Pantone:PMS 433 C
AuroMetalSaurusHex color:#727e82
RGB:114 126 130
CMYK:12 3 0 49
Pantone:PMS 444 C
ZincHex color:#aab5b8
RGB:170 181 184
CMYK:8 2 0 28
Pantone:PMS 7542 C