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The Xiamen Airlines logo resembles a smoothly sailing ship in the sky, offering an easy, tranquil journey that allows passengers to observe all the surrounding beauty. The emblem is oriented towards the future, aiming for new heights and inviting passengers to discover uncharted territories.

Xiamen Airlines: Brand overview

Xiamen Airlines, a pioneering Chinese airline based in Xiamen, has blazed a unique trail in the aviation industry since its founding on July 25, 1984.

The establishment of Xiamen Airlines resulted from a pioneering collaboration between the Shanghai Civil Aviation Administration of China, Xiamen Special Economic Zone Construction Development Company (now Xiamen C&D Group), and Fujian Investment Enterprise Company. Combining various expertise and resources created a solid foundation for the airline’s rapid growth and expansion.

Initially focused on domestic routes, Xiamen Airlines quickly realized the importance of global connectivity. Guided by exceptional service, safety, and efficiency principles, the airline embarked on an ambitious journey to expand its network to destinations in Asia and beyond.

The airline leveraged the expertise and resources of its well-known subsidiaries, Hebei Airlines and Jiangxi Airlines, through strategic alliances and partnerships. This integration has created extensive flight options for passengers, further enhancing their travel experience.

Thanks to the visionary leadership of Chairman Zhao Dong and General Manager Wang Zhixue, Xiamen Airlines has made significant achievements.

Since its establishment in 1984, Xiamen Airlines has achieved great heights, earning a high reputation in domestic and international markets. With headquarters in Xiamen and branches and subsidiaries throughout China, Xiamen Airlines continues transporting passengers to worldwide destinations with exceptional service.

Meaning and History

Xiamen Airlines Logo History

What is Xiamen Airlines?

Xiamen Airlines, known in Chinese as Xiamen Air, has its origins in Xiamen, China. Founded on July 25, 1984, the airline was China’s first independent commercial organization. The airline was founded as a joint venture between the Shanghai Civil Aviation Administration of China, Xiamen Special Economic Zone Construction Development Company (now known as Xiamen C&D Group), and Fujian Investment Enterprise Company. The airline has its northern headquarters in Beijing, eight branches in Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Hunan, Beijing, Quanzhou, Chongqing, and Shanghai, and owns two subsidiaries, Hebei Airlines and Jiangxi Airlines, which was originally the Nanchang branch of Xiamen Airlines.

1984 – 2012

Xiamen Airlines Logo 1984

The logo of Xiamen Airlines, which the company used from 1984 to 2012, embodies a unique combination of cultural symbols and corporate philosophy. At the center of this logo is the image of a beautiful white swan against a blue sun, instantly drawing attention and creating a memorable visual impression. In Asian culture, the swan is associated with grace and beauty and symbolizes purity and nobility, making it an ideal representation for an airline that strives to offer impeccable service and a heartfelt approach to its passengers.

The background featuring a blue sun complements the image of the swan and carries deep symbolic meaning. The sun symbolizes prosperity and grandeur, reflecting Xiamen Airlines’ ambitions to excel in the aviation industry. The blue color of the sun brings to mind the expanses of the sky, underscoring the company’s ambitions in air space exploration. This color symbolizes infinity, eternity, and spirituality, harmonizing with the image of the swan to create an elegant and elevated visual.

The logo includes the brand name in both Chinese and English. This choice highlights Xiamen Airlines’ global ambitions and commitment to intercontinental flights, making the brand recognizable internationally. Using both languages ensures broader reach and recognition on the global stage, which is essential for success in a globalized economy.

2012 – today

XiamenAir Logo

The logo of Xiamen Airlines is known as A Heron Flying High. It replaced another symbol called the Blue Sky and White Heron and was designed in collaboration with Hong Kong designer Chen Yujian and TEAGUE. The logo depicts a bluebird soaring majestically in the sky. The logo has an oriental aesthetic yet blends with an international feel as the airline strives for global recognition. The brand’s English name is written in a simple font and is accompanied by Chinese characters. The blue color symbolizes the sky.

Blue symbolizes the sky and brings to mind calmness and reliability – qualities that airlines often strive to convey. The combination of Eastern and Western design elements focuses on a broader target market and appeals to local and international customers. A straight font for the English brand name combined with Chinese characters emphasizes the airline’s roots while making it accessible to an international audience.