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XL Airways Germany: Brand overview

XL Airways Germany, a budget charter airline based in Mörfelden, Germany, was established in 2006 under the management of Iceland-based investment company FL Group, formerly known as Air Atlanta. The airline, with a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft, debuted with the goal of providing affordable flights to prominent tour operators in Germany.

In the following years, XL expanded its services by increasing its fleet and developing low-cost scheduled flights alongside charter flights. The airline served such popular vacation destinations as Spain, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt.

However, the company soon faced economic difficulties due to rising fuel prices and stiff competition from other low-cost airlines. These difficulties eventually led XL Airways Germany into financial turmoil.

In 2013, after a long period of no profit, the airline was forced to cease operations and declared bankruptcy in August. This unfortunate event led to numerous flight cancelations, leaving thousands of passengers stranded.

During its heyday, XL Airways Germany carried around 900,000 passengers annually, offering tourist flights throughout Europe and the Mediterranean region. The collapse of the airline, which lasted only seven years, highlights the serious challenges faced by small-budget airlines in Germany’s saturated and highly competitive low-cost market.

Meaning and History

XL Airways Germany Logo History

2006 – 2013

XL Airways Germany Logo

The logo of the now-defunct German airline shows a balance in the size and shape of the elements. On the left are the large letters “XL” with rounded edges. It is noteworthy that at the bottom of the letter “L,” there is a white hole in the form of a fat dot. To the right is the phrase “AIRWAYS GERMANY,” reduced several times. It consists of uppercase glyphs and is written in the standard bold sans-serif font. The blue color of the emblem evokes feelings of trust, security, and well-being.

The balanced elements of the emblem show attention to design principles that are intended to epitomize the airline’s commitment to quality and consistency of service. The white hole in the letter “L” serves as a distinctive design feature, giving the logo a unique identity. The blue color associated with the aviation industry adds an additional layer of meaning, reinforcing the desired perception of brand reliability and safety.