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Yeti Airlines: Brand overview

Since its inception in May 1998, Yeti Airlines Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. has left its unique mark on the aviation industry. Connecting people and places in Nepal and beyond, the airline has become one of the leading carriers in the region, prioritizing exceptional service and sustainable aviation.

Yeti Airlines has remained at the forefront of the aviation industry for over a decade, achieving significant success and expansion.

As of 2022, Yeti Airlines ranks second among Nepal’s domestic carriers, coming close behind Buddha Air. Headquartered in Kathmandu, Yeti Airlines is strategically positioned to take travelers to Nepal’s most exciting destinations and beyond.

As the parent company of Tara Air, Yeti Airlines continues to expand its reach and meet the diverse needs of its customers. This strategic partnership has enabled the airline to expand its network and provide seamless connectivity to various destinations in the country.

Meaning and History

Yeti Airlines Logo History

What is Yeti Airlines?

Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Yeti Airlines is a highly regarded domestic air transportation specialist in this mountainous country. Known for its extensive network of flights throughout Nepal, the airline has been a reliable link between remote regions and major urban centers since its inception in 1998. The company has a modern fleet of aircraft to provide passengers with a comfortable and safe travel experience.

1998 – today

Yeti Airlines Logo

Nepal Airlines uses a logo in which the main element is the footprint of Yeti, a mythical snowman. The print consists of seven geometric shapes: two indeterminate shapes for the main part of the foot and five round shapes for the toes. These figures are placed in a large green circle and are complemented by a yellow flag with a parallel line extending beyond this background. The ends of the lines are pointed. On the right side is the name of the company – businesslike, strict, devoid of artistic frills. The inscription is in bold letters with serifs. The font is mostly lowercase, except for the initial letters of each word.

The use of the Yeti footprint as a central element emphasizes the cultural and geographical roots of the airline, drawing attention to the mystery and enigma of Nepal. The geometric design of the footprint combines both traditional folklore and modern aesthetics. The green circle and yellow flag symbolize safety and environmental friendliness, while the business font used for the company name speaks of professionalism and reliability. The pointed ends of the lines give dynamism, implying movement and direction.