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Yoins: Brand overview

In 2014, Jason Shen and Jenny Wang founded Yoins in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. Originating as an online fast fashion store, Yoins focused primarily on women, offering them modern clothing and accessories without a high price tag. The brand quickly earned a place in the hearts of young women by finding a balance between fashion and affordability.

Over time, Yoins expanded its horizons by adding a variety of products to its range, from dresses and swimwear to shoes and handbags. Today, the company boasts an extensive clientele, serving more than 10 million customers in 180 countries. Digital marketing has played a crucial role in attracting customers, especially through social media and online venues.

A robust supply chain based on partnerships with factories in China and Hong Kong keeps Yoins at the forefront. It is evident that the brand is committed to constant renewal, with over a thousand new models launched every month, reflecting the ever-evolving world of fashion. Despite the fact that the company’s operations are centered in Hong Kong, Yoins relies on a European design team that keeps an eye on the emergence of new fashion trends.

Despite being headquartered in Hong Kong and targeting a global audience (excluding North and South America), Yoins operates under a veil of confidentiality, and the company’s financials are not disclosed. The founders’ brainchild has risen, positioning itself alongside established Asian fast fashion leaders such as Shein and Romwe.

Meaning and History

Yoins Logo History

What is Yoins?

Founded in 2014, Yoins has made a strong name for itself in women’s fashion. Yoins was born out of a collaboration between two friends, Jason Shein and Jenny Wang, in Hong Kong and offers a versatile range of clothing and accessories. From stylish tops and pants to eye-catching dresses and skirts, Yoins aims to create a comprehensive collection to suit a variety of tastes and sizes.

2014 – today

Yoins Logo

The Chinese clothing and accessories brand focuses on global fashion trends and offers stylish yet affordable options that catch the attention of customers. A huge role in the brand’s market recognition is played by its logo, known for its minimalism and elegance. This style fits perfectly with fashion design due to its simplicity, sophistication, and monochromatic color scheme. The two-tiered lettering includes the name and slogan. The top line is a large font with smooth cuts and pointed ends at the tips. The font is bold, sans-serif, uppercase. The letters are arranged on a black trapezoid.

The black trapezoid adds a twist to the whole design. It’s like a little black dress that goes with everything yet stands out. The pointed ends of the letters are reminiscent of fashion details on clothing – little things that attract attention. A logo isn’t just a random mark; it’s a brief glimpse of what the brand represents.

Yoins color codes

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