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Zillow Logo

Zillow Logo
Zillow Logo PNG

Zillow (or Zillow Group, Inc.) is an American real estate company. It was founded in February 2006 by a group of businessmen led by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, who were previously part of Microsoft’s executive team. Its headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington. Also, it has an Internet site of the same name with data on sold, exchanged, rented residential and non-residential buildings. The firm also offers online databases of homes from all states.

Meaning and History

Zillow Logo History
Evolution of the Zillow Logo

This service is very important for Americans because they can use their services to find suitable housing in any city in the country quickly. It contains useful information about more than one hundred million homes. And the original emblem adds recognition to it, which has changed three times over the long years of its existence. These are four variants of the same brand name.

2004 – 2006

Zillow Logo 2004-2006

First, there was a pre-launch logo. It includes only the name of the organization. The word “Zillow” is executed in thin black lines of an elongated shape. The arrangement of letters is free, with an optimal inter-character distance. Black on a white background makes the text well readable. On the right, separated by commas, is the second part of the company name – “LLC.” It denotes its legal status and is written in abbreviated form (abbreviation) in gray characters.

2006 – 2008

Zillow Logo 2006-2008

In the early years, both the web resource and the logo were tested; therefore, they were test ones. This circumstance is indicated by the “Beta” designation located in the upper right corner. The logo’s main space is dedicated to the service’s name with a domain address – “” There is a graphic icon in front of it. It has the shape of a wide, three-colored arrow pointing upwards. Moreover, the figure consists of irregular geometric elements, between which the white letter “Z” is visible. At the bottom, the company’s motto is written in very small print: “Your Edge in Real Estate.”

2008 – 2019

Zillow Logo 2008-2019

The next version almost exactly repeats its predecessor. The difference lies in the increased size of all components and the absence of the Internet domain “.com.” The designers have also removed the indication that this is a beta version.

2019 – present

Zillow Logo 2019-present

The modern logo has changed color, font, and composition of the arrow with a “Z” in the middle. The letter crosses the graphic exactly like the “Zorro” character. Moreover, the developers redesigned the wide arrow into a house to further associate the icon with the site’s theme, and the inscription at the bottom was removed.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Zillow Emblem

Zillow’s logo has evolved along with the company and its website. After each redesign, he received new features that did not change its essence but further emphasized its focus. Therefore, it turned out that the emblem is a vivid demonstration of the transformation of the simple into… the simple. In the early years, the branding was minimalistic, but then it was overgrown with details, but in the end, it again dropped everything unnecessary. As a result, the name and graphic element in the form of an upward-pointing arrow or a house remained.

Zillow Symbol

Although the typeface varies, all emblems use a variation of the same font family, Sans Serif. The grotesque lettering looks harmonious because the wide sans serif letters look stable. Previously, the palette consisted of two colors – pastel blue (# 5477bb) and green (# 87bc43). Now it includes only bright blue.