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In an online chat, the Zumbl logo symbolizes the desire to communicate. The non-standard design hints that the conversations will also be unusual and interesting, as the service helps to find suitable interlocutors to discuss any topic. This is its main goal.

Zumbl: Brand overview

Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Zumbl Live Chat was created for those who like to communicate anonymously without revealing their identity. The interlocutors could use the so-called avatars for self-identification, which reflected their individuality. The portal helped to find like-minded people based on common interests or meet a random person from anywhere in the world because the geography of Zumbl’s distribution covered dozens of different countries. In essence, it was a social network for millions of strangers.

Meaning and History

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Initially, Zumbl was a modest Indian startup, which appeared thanks to the financial assistance of the business incubator Digital Media Zone from Ryerson University. In 2012, the organization supported the project of two young entrepreneurs: 20-year-old Saurabh Kumar and 21-year-old Abhishek Gupta. Classmates who were forced to briefly leave their studies at the Indian Institute of Technology for the sake of their dream became part of the Digital Media Zone for three months. They were warmly welcomed in Canada because the foreign startup community appreciates Indian specialists for their programming talent.

It was not in vain that the students “missed” one semester: they managed to implement a promising idea and create an online chat, which has become an improved analog of Omegle. Unlike its archrival, the budding online portal allowed users to find friends based on their interests rather than wasting time frustrated trying to strike up a conversation with strangers.

What is Zumbl?

Zumbl is a now-defunct chat room for chatting with strangers. It was created in 2012 as a website with a .com domain name, and later it has a mobile app. The main feature of this platform is the search for interlocutors by interests.

A huge team of specialists worked on Zumbl, responsible for various aspects of the project, from designers to marketers. These creative personalities created the brand logo, presented in white and green colors. Its main element is, of course, the name of the chat. The background behind the inscription consists of two elements: a rectangle with cut corners, resembling a clothes tag in shape, and a dialogue bubble. At the bottom, they partially merge, and at the top, they are separated by a tapering strip. The word “Zumbl” is slightly raised on the right side.

Under the geometric shapes is the phrase “sometimes, we just need to talk,” calling for the use of online chat. The motivating slogan consists of lowercase letters, which are not lined up horizontally, but at an angle – parallel to the name of the Internet portal. This part of the logo is green, unlike the top lettering.

The Zumbl brand also had an icon featured on the official apps. It has the shape of a square with rounded corners. Inside it is a white speech bubble that contains a capital “Z.” In this case, the designers took advantage of negative space. Both the letter and the base are painted green, with the top half being lighter than the bottom.

Logically, the bubble-shaped callout became the symbol of Zumbl. This graphic medium usually illustrates speech in comics, but here it symbolizes communication in an online chat. The speech bubble is present both in the full version of the logo and in the icon.

Font and Colors

Zumbl Symbol

The designers created a custom set of glyphs to write the brand name. It is similar to FF Schulbuch Pro Nord Regular and Microsoft Sans Serif, but Zumbl has the original “Z” and “l” design: these letters have cut-off and rounded edges. And for the slogan, an analog of the above fonts is used – a geometric grotesque with a balanced combination of straight and curved lines.

The color scheme is based on a combination of green (to be more precise, emerald) and white. In the case of the icon, the green has several shades and appears “embossed” due to their heterogeneity.

Zumbl color codes

Tropical Rain ForestHex color:#117c5b
RGB:17 124 91
CMYK:86 0 27 51
Pantone:PMS 3288 C