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123sport: Brand overview

Established in 2022 in the United States, the 123sport platform has become a hub for live streaming of soccer matches and events from various global leagues. In a short span of time, the platform has gained a reputation as a favorite among soccer fans around the world, hungry for live streaming of matches. Apart from soccer, 123sport has expanded its horizons to include other significant sports such as tennis, baseball, boxing, cricket, etc. For the convenience of users, the site can be accessed from both desktop and mobile computers without the need to register.

One of the main features of 123sport is the availability of many alternative live-streaming options for most major sporting events. This is complemented by a user-friendly interface that presents the results and schedules of upcoming matches. Despite the fact that the platform runs mainly on advertising revenue, its streams are impressively smooth, even if users install ad blockers.

However, not all is smooth sailing for 123sport. Legal entities have been questioning the platform, forcing them to constantly change their web addresses in order to keep the service running. Despite these issues, the platform remains a beacon for those looking for free live streaming of sporting events. Since its inception in 2022, 123sport has become a leading sports streaming platform, although it has faced a number of legal challenges. Nevertheless, its appeal remains unchanged for those looking for free live sports content.

Meaning and History

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123sport Logo Color Codes:

Primary Logo Colors

  • Pumpkin: Hex: #ff7300; RGB: 255, 115, 0; CMYK: 0, 55, 100, 0; Pantone: PMS Bright Orange C
  • Racing Red: Hex: #ce0000; RGB: 206, 0, 0; CMYK: 0, 100, 100, 19; Pantone: PMS Bright Red C
  • Brunswick Green: Hex: #295a51; RGB: 41, 90, 81; CMYK: 54, 0, 10, 65; Pantone: PMS 561 C
  • Squid Ink: Hex: #18384b; RGB: 24, 56, 75; CMYK: 68, 25, 0, 71; Pantone: PMS 3035 C
  • Zinc: Hex: #b4c2c2; RGB: 180, 194, 194; CMYK: 7, 0, 0, 24; Pantone: PMS 5517 C

Additional Colors

  • Eerie Black: Hex: #1b1919; RGB: 27, 25, 25; CMYK: 0, 7, 7, 89; Pantone: PMS Neutral Black C


What does the 123sport logo mean?

The 123Sport emblem stands for a platform designed for unlimited streaming of soccer matches from various leagues, available worldwide without any registration.