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Press the keyboard button and start playing – the 2K logo is calling. The emblem promises thrilling plots, quick changes of scenery, and exciting missions. Logic and strict adherence to the chosen strategy will help you win.

2K: Brand overview

The 2K company has been producing video games since 2005 and belongs to a larger American company, Take-Two Interactive. It was founded after the holding company acquired Visual Concepts Entertainment and made it its subsidiary brand. The company is headquartered in Novato and was previously based in New York City, from where it was forced to relocate after a fire.

Meaning and History

2K Logo History

The publishing label is named after the 2K sports games developed by Visual Concepts. The 2K franchise has been around for a long time but only became part of Take-Two Interactive and became an independent publisher in 2005. It was based on the WWE 2K (wrestling simulator) and NBA 2K (basketball simulator) games, which debuted in 2000 and 1999, respectively.

When Take-Two Interactive Corporation acquired the intellectual property rights to the franchise, it turned it into a label consisting of two sub-labels, 2K Sports (sports games) and 2K Games (other genres). They were then joined by 2K Play (casual video games), which allowed the division to absorb Cat Daddy Games and Global Star Software.

What is 2K?

2K is a company that publishes video games in various genres. It was established in 2005 as a publishing label within the American holding company Take-Two Interactive. It was joined by several development studios, including Frog City Software, Indie Built, and Visual Concepts. 2K’s best-known projects are Civilization, Bioshock, Mafia, XCOM, and other series of sports, adventure, strategy, and role-playing video games.

2K Symbol

The logos of all three entities share a common element – a red parallelogram with a white monogram inside. This is 2K’s trademark, which was obtained in 2005 and has never changed since. It is partly similar to the emblems of the series WWE 2K and NBA 2K: it is obvious that the red color and minimalistic design were borrowed from them. However, the developers modernized the appearance of the inscription, using not a simple one-line form but a complex with connected characters.

The lower part of the number “2” and the upper part of the letter “K” merge and form a stylized monogram. This element looks like a space inside a red parallelogram with rounded corners. This impression is created due to the negative space when the object itself is not painted, and the dark surrounding background forms its contours. The non-standard design technique draws attention to the name of the label.

2K: Interesting Facts

2K, a well-known video game publisher, is part of Take-Two Interactive, one of the biggest names in gaming worldwide. Since its start, 2K has released many popular and critically acclaimed games.

  1. Foundation: Take-Two Interactive launched 2K in January 2005 to publish various quality video games, diversifying its portfolio and focusing on recognizable brands.
  2. Name Meaning: “2K” comes from Take-Two Interactive. “2K represents the year 2000, reflecting the company’s modern vision and drive for innovation.
  3. Game Variety: 2K’s games span many genres, including sports titles like “NBA 2K,” strategy games such as “Civilization,” and story-driven games like “BioShock” and “Borderlands,” showing its range in catering to various gamers.
  4. Success: Its franchises, especially “NBA 2K,” are known for realism, depth, and impressive graphics, contributing to widespread popularity and sales.
  5. Marketing: 2K uses creative marketing, notably for “BioShock,” with immersive experiences and games that build community interest and excitement for upcoming releases.
  6. Studio Acquisitions: It partners with and acquires top development studios, including Visual Concepts and Firaxis Games, ensuring high-quality game production.
  7. Esports: 2K is investing in esports, notably with the “NBA 2K League,” enhancing esports’ appeal by drawing in basketball fans and gamers.
  8. Community Engagement: The company interacts with its player community through social media and events, using player feedback to guide updates and future developments.
  9. Awards: 2K’s games, such as BioShock Infinite and Civilization VI, have earned numerous accolades for storytelling, gameplay, and design.
  10. Philanthropy: With Take-Two Interactive, 2K supports educational, arts, and social justice causes, showing its dedication to community and social responsibility.

2K’s influence in gaming is defined by its focus on quality, innovation, and connecting with fans, playing a significant role in the industry’s evolution.

Font and Colors

2K Emblem

The game publisher and distributor are consistent: its logo has never changed and remains the same as when the company was founded. It reflects the name 2K, which attracts attention with an unusual arrangement of symbols. The number is at the top, and the letter is at the bottom so that they touch at one point. At the same time, they merge and form a single figure, symbolizing continuous movement.

The same dynamics are expressed in the slanted font, rounded corners, and beveled sides of the quadrilateral. The characteristic, streamlined geometric shape emphasizes the speed and precision at the heart of sports video games.

The logo depicts a stylized company name and no further lettering. “2K” is in the form of a simple monogram, where a number and a letter are connected at one point, forming a right angle with common sides. The designers used the characters in bold italic sans-serif font.

The colors are purposely chosen to create contrast. The white lettering is clearly visible against the background of a bright red parallelogram. By the way, by the grotesqueness of the font and color palette, trademark publisher 2K coincides with the emblems of the series of sports games NBA 2K and WWE 2K.

2K Logo Color Codes:

  • black: (#000000)
  • red: (#ee2722)
  • orange: (#f4694f)
  • white: (#ffffff)
  • lighter red: (#f4694f)


Is 2K a recognized label?

2K is a video game publisher based in Novato, California, USA. Originating as part of Take-Two Interactive, it has existed since January 2005 under the labels 2K Games and 2K Sports.

Who is the parent company of 2K?

Based in Novato, California, 2K is wholly owned by Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., publicly traded as NASDAQ: TTWO.